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Government works towards risk management program for farmers

December 5, 2002 by Canadian Underwriter

In the wake of devastatingly bad conditions, both drought and flood, damaging crops this year, governments are working towards a risk management program for the agriculture industry.This week, federal, provincial and territorial agriculture departments met to review proposals on the


Into the Fire

September 1, 2002 Brian Jones, president of Jones Brown Inc.

Devastating condominium fires, such as the most recent blaze at Calgary’s Waterford complex, have created challenges for the construction industry and builders risk insurance market. Are the actions of insurers justified relative to loss experience, and how are insureds reacting to the tighter terms and pricing of cover?

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Cost of risk declines in 2000, but signs point to hardening

December 6, 2001 by Canadian Underwriter

The cost of risk declined in 2000, according to a survey released by the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS). The annual Benchmark Survey, conducted with Ernst & Young, asks more than 830 risk managers in the U.S. and Canada

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Aon expands captive presence through acquisition

August 7, 2001 by Canadian Underwriter

Aon Corporation is expanding its captive and risk management business through the purchase of Sinser Holding AB, a subsidiary of Swedish-based Skandia Group. The capitve management and consulting business deals with more than 250 captives in 10 coutries, and includes

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April 1, 2001 Vikki Spencer

At the recent Ontario Risk Management and Insurance Society (ORIMS) professional development day, a host of speakers expressed the need for expanding the knowledge and influence of risk managers in the corporate structure. With new approaches to risk financing and