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Partnerships in Risk

September 1, 2003 Garry McDonell, senior vice president at Aon ReedStenhouse

The complexity of today’s business environment is largely a result of both the volume of change and the speed at which it occurs. Driven by shareholder expectations, the scrutiny of regulators and the demands of consumers, corporations are learning that managing risk is significantly different than it was even three years ago.


Curtain Call? On The Hard Market

September 1, 2003 Vikki Spencer

Waiting in the wings like nervous actors on opening night, risk managers are preparing for the upcoming insurance renewal season, unsure of the reception before them. Over recent years they have received a less than warm greeting from underwriters. But, recent surveys of the commercial insurance marketplace suggest that there may well be a “turning point” near – or at the least a “moderation” of the hard market which has dictated pricing for the last two years. However, CU’s annual roundup of Canadian risk management views indicates that the hard market is far from over, although its intensity has shifted from property to casualty/liability lines. And, in light of recent catastrophes from SARS to the “blackout of 2003”, the pressure from corporate boardrooms has increased on risk managers.


Aligning Sources & Exposures

September 1, 2003 Perry Brazeau Canada division manager at FM Global

From newspaper headlines to the corporate boardroom, risk management is becoming a high profile proposition. As companies react to stories of corporate scandals and multi-million-dollar lawsuits, how does this align with the long-term risks facing corporations daily. A recent study compared the views of risk managers and financial executives on the greatest threats to their corporations, as well as the best means of addressing these threats.

Dr. Tim Doggett, research scientist, at AIR Worldwide Corp.

Severe Thunderstorms – Canada’s Billion Dollar Risk

September 1, 2003 David Lalonde & Dr. Tim Doggett

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s (IBC) “Facts 2002”, the individual perils that comprise severe thunderstorms – tornado, hail and straight-line winds – have been responsible for more than half of the natural catastrophe losses incurred by Canadian insurers over the past 20 years. While the earthquake threat in Canada is very real and must be managed, insurers should not ignore the risk of significant losses from severe thunderstorms.


Building Boom, Insurance Bust

August 1, 2003 Craig Harris

Insurance costs are hammering Canada’s rapidly growing construction industry as rates go through the roof and capacity caves in. Builders are harder hit than many other commercial policyholders because underwriters are skittish about large-loss exposures. Many in the construction industry want rate relief and the return of stable markets.

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Associations drawing up enterprise risk framework

July 24, 2003 by Canadian Underwriter

Several financial associations are working together on a framework for enterprise risk management (ERM). The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO), which combines five accountancy and finance organizations, commissioned the framework from Pricewaterhouse Coopers early last year.

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Lloyd’s gets “thumbs up” from A.M. Best

July 18, 2003 by Canadian Underwriter

In affirming the “A-” (excellent) rating of Lloyd’s of London, rating agency A.M. Best says the outlook for the world’s oldest insurance market remains stable.Strong capitalization, stable investment returns and a new focus on risk management are all factors leading


Catastrophe Modeling: Shifting Perceptions

June 1, 2003 Eric Gobble and Don Windeler at RMS

As Canada’s insurers seek to quantify their catastrophe exposure, earthquake models offer an insight into how technology can further underwriting. Even events south of the border illustrate the wealth of new information at insurers’ fingertips to better comprehend large losses that can have a significant impact on reinsurance and reserves.


OSFI’s Supervisory Ratings: Rating the Risk

April 1, 2003 by Canadian Underwriter

In 1999, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) – Canada’s federal regulator of financial institutions – released its “Supervisory Framework” outlining an innovative approach to supervision. The framework is risk-based and enhances OSFI’s ability to intervene on

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Recognition of risk management growing, survey shows

February 18, 2003 by Canadian Underwriter

Financial institutions are showing an increased understanding of the need for enterprise-wide risk management (EWRM), says a survey of financial institutions from The Risk Management Association (RMA) and First Manhattan Consulting Group.Among 30 U.S.-based financial institutions, the study found that

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France, Germany face almost $1.5 billion loss from windstorm

January 8, 2003 by Canadian Underwriter

Windstorm Calvann, which swept across France and Germany late last week, has produced Eur900 million in insured damages (Cdn$1.47 billion), according to preliminary estimates from Risk Management Solutions Inc.The California-based catastrophe risk management solutions provider says the January 2 storm

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Government works towards risk management program for farmers

December 5, 2002 by Canadian Underwriter

In the wake of devastatingly bad conditions, both drought and flood, damaging crops this year, governments are working towards a risk management program for the agriculture industry.This week, federal, provincial and territorial agriculture departments met to review proposals on the