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Why mega-ships are mega risks for marine insurers

August 16, 2021 by Jason Contant

The blocking of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given container ship in March shows that ever-increasing vessel sizes continue to pose a disproportionately large risk, said marine insurer Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE (AGCS). On Mar. 23, 2021,

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Brokers ‘positive about entertainment insurance’ as industry emerges from crushing pandemic-related losses

August 10, 2021 Canadian Underwriter Staff

As the entertainment and events industry emerges from COVID-19, Canadian brokers are becoming more confident about securing coverage for their clients. Claims from cancelled or postponed events and productions have been a large source of pandemic-related losses for the global

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5 ways to overcome barriers to cyber insurance

August 6, 2021 Canadian Underwriter Staff

The Insurance Bureau of Canada says 99% of Canadian organizations have reported an increase in cyberattacks since COVID-19 began, but many brokers appear to be struggling to sell cyber. “Anecdotally, Canadian brokers have indicated that many clients don’t believe a

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Cyber insurance: Most frequent and costly claims revealed

November 24, 2020 by Jason Contant

External attacks on companies result in the most expensive cyber insurance losses, but internal failures like employee mistakes and technical problems are the most frequent generator of claims by number (albeit with a lower financial impact), a new report says.