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How to insure emerging tech companies

September 27, 2023 Jason Contant

Technology companies today can run the gamut from those resembling traditional manufacturers to others dabbling in artificial intelligence or emerging tech – which are more difficult to insure. This variety means both insurers and brokers need to thoroughly understand a

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How artificial intelligence benefits brokers

August 31, 2023 Adam Mitchell

We’ve all seen stories about AI and what programs like ChatGPT will mean for the future of work. The general consensus – for now at least – is that it won’t replace insurance brokers. But as this technology becomes more

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Will generative AI impact your career prospects?

August 22, 2023 Philip Porado

Will generative artificial intelligence (AI) make your skill sets obsolete? If you answered yes, you have the same belief as 17% of Canadian workers recently surveyed by recruiting and business consulting firm Robert Half. Survey respondents worked in occupations ranging

Cargo ships colliding
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Who’s at fault when AI’s driving a cargo ship?

June 29, 2023 Philip Porado

It’s 2035 and a maritime court has convened to determine who’s at fault when a seagoing vessel made an error in passage planning – a safety exercise that maps a voyage from start to finish, including harbour navigation and docking.

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Why human brokers won’t be replaced by robots

April 13, 2023 by David Gambrill

Responsible use of artificial intelligence will change the role of broker client services representatives (CSRs), rather than replace them, by effectively putting humans in the position of training, evaluating, and monitoring AI’s interaction with consumers. “Instead of being dominated by

Robot assistant for a digital insurance brokerage
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How to digitize traditional brokerages without breaking the bank

February 28, 2023 Alyssa DiSabatino

Many brokerages adopted technology sooner than planned because of the pandemic. And now acceptance of remote work is pushing brokerages to accelerate — or in some cases, start implementing — digital strategies. It’s easy to make a case for digitizing

Robot sorting documents to represent AI helping insurance adjusters manage claims
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How automation’s shifting on-site claims work to bigger losses

February 23, 2023 Philip Porado

COVID-19 accelerated development of process efficiencies for insurance adjusters. Pre-pandemic, data-gathering and communications systems began shifting many claims to desk teams, creating efficiencies for adjusters by reserving site visits for complex cases. “What COVID did was expedite some of that

A woman's face is lit up by the blue light of the screen she is holding in her hand. It is scanning her face.
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AI’s new risk: How brokers and insurers can protect clients

February 28, 2022 by Alyssa DiSabatino

Data automation has created an emerging risk: AI can develop unintended biases within its own data that can yield unfair results and potentially harm a client’s business. Although it’s not the only risk associated with AI, the potential for a

BC Place
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Montreal-made website uses AI to show impacts of climate change on any address

October 14, 2021 Tara Deschamps - THE CANADIAN PRESS

TORONTO – Imagine Parliament Hill blanketed in orange skies, floodwaters climbing the sides of BC Place stadium or a thick layer of smog fogging the view of Halifax from Citadel Hill. These are all scenes depicted on a website published