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What’s new: In brief (November 11, 2004)

November 11, 2004 by Canadian Underwriter

The U.S. Federal Reserve Board’s decision to raise the federal fund rate 25 basis points to 2.0% sets up the prospect for similar action by The Bank of Canada. While the Fed is expected to raise rates by 25 points


Global Political Risks – Post-9/11

March 1, 2004 Sean van Zyl, Editor

Suicide bombings in Baghdad continue to see a rising toll in deaths of “reconstruction” foreign workers and military personnel…Ongoing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis continues to produce reprisal acts of violence…A coup de tat in Haiti results in mass civil


Mold & Water Damage Claims: Avoiding the Headache

September 1, 2002 Alex Lozecki Sr., president of Environmental Solutions Internati

The industry’s newest catalyst is a four-letter word: MOLD. Should we be alarmed about this sleeping monster? How is it affecting people’s health and that of their children? How did it get here, and why is it growing? Insurers are trying to come to grips with this new threat, at the same time facing claims for incidents that happened perhaps years earlier.

Samuel Holland

Aiming for claims control

July 1, 2002 Vikki Spencer

As insurers, auto manufacturers and other claims supply chain representatives met for the annual AIM Forum in Toronto recently, cost control and injury reduction took the front seat. From the aftermarket parts debate to personal injury claims inflation, speakers noted that insurers and auto makers must find ways to protect against fraud and keep drivers safer, while still keeping a lid on expenses.


RISK MANAGEMENT: Maximizing Risk Evaluation Process

August 1, 2001 Perry Brazeau, Senior Vice President of Fm Global, Canadian Divi

Rising insurance prices, increased global risk exposure, and emerging non-property risks. Today’s risk management profession is facing a new corporate landscape where greater emphasis is being placed on a holistic approach to risk evaluation and cost. Can risk managers benefit from the expertise and risk tools developed by insurers?



July 1, 2001 Vikki Spencer

“We stand on the verge of an incredible opportunity.” With these words, incoming Risk and Insurance Management Society president David Mair opened the society’s 2001 conference in Atlanta. The opportunity, he says, comes from the changing insurance market, and the



March 1, 2000 Sean van Zyl, Editor

Susan Meltzer, president of the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) for the 1999/2000 term, bridled in her opening comments in the panel discussion to a previous reference made by a seminar speaker at the RIMS’ “Operational Risk Management” conference



January 1, 2000 Sean van Zyl, Editor

With little room to maneuver on premium growth and enhancing investment returns, property and casualty insurers are likely to turn their attention in the year ahead to better risk selection and improved claims handling efficiency to boost bottom-line performance, industry

International insure panel

IBAO 99 Convention: Competing in a New World

November 1, 1999 Lowell Conn AND SEAN VAN ZYL

Celebrating the 79th year of its annual convention, this year’s Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) event included a discussion panel of global senior executives of the property and casualty insurance industry, their frank views forewarning of a new world of distribution ahead.



February 1, 1999 Shelley Boyes

Bugs, big deals, bad spills and a certain public official’s sexual high crimes and misdemeanors were all key factors driving the corporate insurance market throughout 1998. And the same scary financial exposures will likely be very much in the minds


Insurer concerns taxi for take off

January 1, 1999 Sean van Zyl, Editor

Consolidation and cost cutting became the corporate buzzwords of the 1980s and 1990s, with operators from insurance to retail-chains through to the aviation industry embracing downsizing and cheaper marketing and delivery systems. The aviation business emerged from this process, particularly