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Capitalizing on Claims Data

May 31, 2015 Craig Harris, Freelance Writer|Craig Harris, Freelance Writer

After initially focusing on underwriting and pricing, many insurance companies have expanded their view of data analytics to loss management. The claims handling process represents a rich area for data modeling tools that can provide better insight into everything from adjuster assignment and operational efficiency to fraud detection and subrogation. How does data analytics fit into the claims management process for insurers – and adjusters?

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The Cat Issue

January 31, 2015 Craig Harris, Freelance Writer|Craig Harris, Freelance Writer

Emergent trends in catastrophe management involve the use of location intelligence, satellite imagery and even early experiments with drones. The goal for insurance companies is to gather highly specific information to efficiently dispatch adjusters to target areas hit by natural disasters. However, the 48th annual joint CICMA/CIAA conference held in Toronto February 3 showed that catastrophes often extend to more than “just the weather.” And when it comes to dealing with CATs, attendees learned that the core fundamentals of adjusting haven’t really changed.

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Adapting to Extreme Rainfall

January 31, 2015 Sophie Guilbault, research coordinator, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction|Sophie Guilbault, research coordinator, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction celebrates leadership amongst Canadian cities in its latest publication.

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AB Adjusting, Diversified

January 31, 2015 Craig Harris, Freelance Writer|Craig Harris, Freelance Writer

Trevor Cortese has a passion for and niche in helping injured people get appropriate compensation. That hasn’t, however, stopped his London, Ontario-based firm, TC Insurance Adjusters Ltd., from spreading its wings.

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All in the Family

November 30, 2014 Craig Harris, Freelance writer

Georgian Claim Services Inc. has a unique commitment to quality that transcends the traditional employer- employee relationship.

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The Aviator

May 31, 2014 Craig Harris

Saskatchewan’s Paul Greening has had a rich, varied career in the adjusting profession, but his true passion remains aviation claims.

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Lloyd’s releases global warming report

May 31, 2014 by

Lloyd’s of London recently released a report that suggests global warming could either increase or decrease thunderstorm risk in the United States, but a rise in sea levels on the east coast could increase losses from storms similar to Hurricane

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Whole Hog

March 31, 2014 Cala Mitra, manager, Matson, Driscoll & Damico Ltd.

Quantifying economic damage for livestock losses, such as hog farms, presents challenges for adjusters.

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Top 10 Insurance Decisions

January 31, 2014 Chris Dunn, partner, Dutton Brock LLP; and Josiah MacQuarrie, associate, Dutton Brock LLP

Some of the coverage-related cases that adjusters and claims professionals should know about from 2013.

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Insurers, non-profits join forces on building resilient cities

November 30, 2013 by

A group of non-profit and industry organizations have launched a new set of resources that identifies priorities for the insurance industry and cities to build resilience against climate change. “The Building Climate Resilience in Cities” resources were developed through a

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Understanding Lloyd’s II

September 30, 2013 Fred Plant, President, Plant Hope Adjusters Ltd.

Independent adjusters can access this important insurance market if they have the right knowledge and resources. It is worth the investment of time to understand Lloyd’s of London’s approach and philosophy on claims handling.

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July 31, 2013 Craig Harris

Independent adjusters experienced a surge of claims from record flooding in Southern Alberta and the Greater Toronto Area in late June and early July. The losses from epic flood-related damage to personal and commercial property will represent the costliest natural disaster in Canada.