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U.K. non-life market strong, but not for long: Fitch

April 5, 2005 by Canadian Underwriter

The U.K. non-life insurance market has enjoyed stronger results in the past two year, but this kind of improvement is unlikely to last, predicts Fitch Ratings.In a new report, “Enjoy it While it Lasts but not too much”, the rating

Andreas Wagner, director of environmental health & safety

Preventing Mold Losses

March 1, 2005 Andreas Wagner, and Tom Park

Recent scientific and legal developments have started to push mold damage in buildings up on the agendas of many insurance companies.


Taking a Closer Look

March 1, 2005 Terry Neilson

While many insurance companies talk of risk assessment and underwriting, few have taken advantage of technology solutions to integrate loss inspection reports into their workflow.

Amateur video shows the December 26, 2004 tsunami's waves crashing into Phuket, Thailand.

Tsunamis Echoes of the Waves

February 1, 2005 Vikki Spencer

The devastation wrought by the Indian Ocean tsunami poses a host of dire questions for government and for insurers here in Canada as they struggle to maintain some footing in what has become a war against Mother Nature.

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Insurers have role to play in developing countries: Swiss Re

January 25, 2005 by Canadian Underwriter

In the wake of the December 26th Asian tsunami disaster, insurers have a role to play in providing financial protection in developing countries, says Swiss Re. In a new report on the tsunami and its consequences, the reinsurer notes that

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ICLR to “take the stage” at Kobe conference

January 17, 2005 by Canadian Underwriter

Two researchers who work with the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) will be heading this week to the World Conference on Disaster Reduction in Kobe, Japan.Dr. Gordon Bean and Dr. Slobodan Simonovic are set to present research to the

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Tsunami disaster leads to calls for early warning system

January 3, 2005 by Canadian Underwriter

Countries in the Indian Ocean are working on plans for an early warning system to detect future tsunamis, much like that already used off the coast of Japan.Following the December 26 tsunami disaster, which resulted from a seaquake registering 9.0

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Fairfax declares annual dividend

January 3, 2005 by Canadian Underwriter

Toronto-based Fairfax Financial Holdings (TSX, NYSE: FFH) has declared a dividend of US$1.40 per share on outstanding multiple and subordinate voting shares. The dividend is payable on January 28, to shareholders of record on January 14, a company release states.


Homeowners and Natural Hazards

January 1, 2005 Paul Kovacs

How well do Canadian homeowners understand insurance coverage for natural hazards? Would they like their insurance companies to send them information about hazard safety? Do homeowners approve of insurance companies funding loss prevention research? These are questions the Institute for


Captives Go Mainstream

November 1, 2004 Vikki Spencer

The once exotic world of captives is opening up for risk managers as they seek out solutions to a challenging insurance market. The traditional offshore domiciles are experiencing growth in captive numbers and premiums written, while new domiciles are being created through captive legislation, specifically in the U.S. But, experts say captives are more than just a passing solution to a temporary lack of available, affordable commercial insurance – they are a long-term investment requiring focus and commitment.

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Hurricane Hazel anniversary a chance to focus on disaster preparedness: ICLR

October 17, 2004 by Canadian Underwriter

With this weekend marking the 50th anniversary Hurricane Hazel, one industry group is using the occasion to promote disaster preparedness. The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) says with this anniversary, and in light of the recent hurricanes wreaking havoc

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Ivan loss estimates lower than first thought

September 22, 2004 by Canadian Underwriter

Insured loss estimates from Hurricane Ivan have been downgraded by risk modeling agency Risk Management Solutions (RMS) to US$3-$6 billion. This is on top of an estimated US$1-$2 billion in insured losses in the Caribbean, with the majority in the