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B.C. Court of Appeal clarifies when insurer has duty to defend

March 27, 2007 by Canadian Underwriter

Reporting an event or “circumstance that might lead to a professional liability insurance claim is not, in the absence of a claim, enough to trigger an insurer’s obligation to defend, the B.C. Appeal Court has ruled.In MWH International, Inc. v.


Hazard Perceptions and Urban Flooding

March 1, 2007 Dan Sandink, Research Coordinator, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

Public education can help snap flooding victims out of fatalistic attitudes

Linda Paccanaro, Vice President, Claims, Kingsway Financial Services Inc.

Customer Management Software for Claims

February 1, 2007 Linda Paccanaro

How off-the-shelf customer management software can radically change your claims process

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ICBC, Fraser Institute lock horns over public auto insurance

October 11, 2006 by Canadian Underwriter

ICBC has taken to the airwaves to dismiss a Fraser Institute report that slams government-run auto insurance schemes as, according to the study’s author, “among the worst performers within almost all measures of market quality, including cost and affordability.”In an


Smoke and Mirrors

September 1, 2006 Craig Harris

The Supreme Court of Canada instituted a “material change” in fire insurance policy conditions

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What’s New: In brief (June 26, 2006)

June 26, 2006 by Canadian Underwriter

The “world’s largest passenger aircraft” is set to be introduced into the commercial aviation space despite A series of delays have altered the production and delivery schedule of the “world’s largest passenger aircraft” into the commercial aviation market, according to

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The Co-Operators offers Claims Guarantee

June 16, 2006 by Canadian Underwriter

The Co-operators Group Ltd. recently launched a Claims Guarantee that is meant to address Canadian consumer uncertainty in the insurance company.“Some people hesitate before making an insurance claim or even asking questions about their coverage,” Kathy Bardswick, president and CEO,

Keith Burns

Quality in Repair

June 1, 2006 Keith Burns, Manager, Performance Programs, PPG Canada Inc.

Pioneering collision repair facilities are incorporating quality management concepts into their day-to-day operations.

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Canada’s Top Ten Insurance Crimes, 2005

December 20, 2005 by Canadian Underwriter

Canada’s home, car and business insurers recently released their annual Top Ten Insurance Crimes list, which includes: too many encores; pirate shipping; fender bender fraud; the chop shop king; field of schemes; phantom injuries; too good to be true; persistence


Technology: Riding The Claims Curve

June 1, 2005 Craig Harris

Once spinning their wheels with standalone technology products, many insurance companies are now actively pursuing integrated, end-to-end solutions that allow for full management of the claim lifecycle. Modern technology, coupled with a tight focus on business processes and employee training, is giving insurers a chance to accelerate the speed of claims handling and ramp up service standards. The question today, however, is who is staying ahead of the claims curve?

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Claims Convergence: A New Model for Healthcare

January 1, 2005 Sam Malatesta

First things first – fixing cars is nothing like fixing people! However, there may be some similarities between the collision side of the auto claims economy and the healthcare side. Just as insurers and their auto bodyshop partners strive to provide quality repairs in a more efficient and effective manner, the stakeholders on the healthcare side need to begin to focus on their common goal – fixing people better and faster.

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Battle over DAC elimination continues

December 9, 2004 by Canadian Underwriter

Designated assessment center (DAC) representatives and trial lawyers continue to wage a war of words over the elimination of DACs as proposed by the Ontario Liberal government.Thursday, the Association of DACs (ADAC) penned an open letter urging Premier Dalton McGuinty