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BEHIND THE SCENES: forensic entomology

October 1, 2000 Dael Morris, a forensic entomologist at Insect Investigations

Forensic investigation is hardly an unknown field to the insurance industry. However, an area that seems to garner little attention in claim investigation procedures is forensic entomology — which could save insurers and insureds millions of dollars. Bug investigations? You have to be kidding. But, as the following case study reveals, insects can reveal many secrets in the process of claims investigation.


High Impact Ahead

May 1, 2000 Sean van Zyl, Editor

With the growth of property and casualty insurance industry earnings having plummeted to almost a 20-year low on the back of poor investment returns and intense rate competition — which saw last year’s annual rate of premium growth clock in


Perils of Punitive Awards

March 1, 2000 Bill Blakeney and Anil Varma

Consumer suspicion of insurance companies has reached the point that it is now part of American pop culture to view them as commonplace in the U.S., as are awards of punitive damages.


Hi-tech streamlines car rental process

February 1, 1999 Matt Darrah, vice president of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Toronto

Consistency and convenience have been earmarked as the key factors likely to satisfy the consumer of the future. The rapid advancements made on the technology front over recent decades are largely responsible for this shift in consumer expectations. To survive


A fair shake?

January 1, 1999 Don Turner, an Adjusting Consultant

I am often asked what my profession is. Instead of saying, “insurance adjuster” I often respond “an arson investigator”. I choose the latter for simplicity and to avoid a volley of complaints from the public over perceived injustices in the settlement of claims.


Claims management and the Environment

January 1, 1999 Cecil Jaipaul,

In the early days of environmental underwriting companies were often unaware of the full risk involved. For many companies the risks they took on and subsequent claims were not foreseen. For others, while the possibility of large claims may have