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U.S. cargo thefts in 2015 drop 6% in volume and 21% in value compared to 2014: FreightWatch International

February 16, 2016 by Canadian Underwriter

FreightWatch International (FWI) recorded 754 cargo thefts throughout the United States in 2015, representing a 6% drop in volume and a 21% decrease in value when compared to 2014. There were 204 thefts in Q1, 187 in Q2, 174 in

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Insurer seeks leave to appeal $8.5-million award in disputed construction claim over defects exclusion clause

January 26, 2016 by Canadian Underwriter

Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company is applying to the Supreme Court of Canada for leave to appeal a ruling over a disputed $14.94-million property insurance claim arising from an addition to a hospital in Victoria, British Columbia. Essentially, Allianz

Douglas D. Everett, President, IIC Services and CHES Special Risks

Faulty Powers

January 1, 2016 Douglas D. Everett, President, IIC Services and CHES Special Risks

Commercial general liability insurance was never intended to cover damages caused by faulty workmanship. Although this principle has been upheld by some courts in the United States, the 2010 Progressive Homes ruling will likely prompt CGL insurers to re-evaluate decisions to deny their duty to defend.

Amira Palacios, Claims Consultant, Environmental Pollution, XL-Catlin

Pollution Containment

January 1, 2016 Amira Palacios, Claims Consultant, Environmental Pollution; and Glen Hopkinson, Vice President and Head of Claims, Canada; XL-Catlin

Minimizing the severity of a pollution claim requires contingency planning and an immediate response. While many commercial general liability policies do not cover pollution, some insurers offer in-house expertise in emergency response, environmental remediation and applicable regulations.

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Average large business interruption claim 36% more costly than average property damage claim: Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

December 9, 2015 by Canadian Underwriter

The average large business interruption (BI) property insurance claim is now in excess of US$2.4 million, 36% higher than the corresponding average property damage claim of just over US$1.7 million, according to a new report from Allianz Global Corporate &

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Study finds nearly half of 100 U.S. corporations surveyed have already filed an insurance claim as a result of a data breach

November 5, 2015 by Canadian Underwriter

A recent Wells Fargo study of 100 middle market companies and large corporations in the United States has found that 85% of respondents have purchased cybersecurity and data privacy insurance coverage to protect against financial loss, while nearly half (44%)

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Learning to Share

June 1, 2015 Craig Harris, Freelance Writer

The “sharing economy” of services like Uber and Airbnb represents a murky area for property and casualty insurance. Brokers, insurers and regulators in Canada have issued warnings about the gaps in coverage as the lines blur between personal and commercial usage of property and vehicles. The trench fighting about insurance deficiencies masks a bigger issue – the growing popularity of these unique shared economic services will require a new approach to risk and rate assessment.

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The Truth about Cats and Dogs

May 31, 2015 Insurance Institute of Canada|Insurance Institute of Canada

Pet insurance explained

Ted Hellard, Founder, AppColony
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Modern App-roach

May 1, 2015 Ted Hellard, Founder, AppColony; and Paul Mlodzik, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, The Co-operators

Technology offers great promise, but the reliance that people now have on their phones has had the unfortunate effect of contributing to distracted driving, now a leading cause of vehicle collisions.

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Understand The Tension

March 31, 2015 Derek Gibson, Project Engineer; and Philip Sarvinis, Managing Principal, Building Science and Restoration practice, Read Jones Christoffersen|Derek Gibson, Project Engineer; and Philip Sarvinis, Managing Principal, Building Science and Restoration practice, Read Jones Christoffersen

Adjusters can help with disaster assessment of post-tensioned reinforced concrete structures.

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Going Mobile

November 30, 2014 Craig Harris, Freelance writer

The rapid take-up of mobile devices by newer generations of consumers may spell big changes for the claims management process. Mobile claims technology in the form of tablets and other tools have existed for some time for adjusters and insurance companies, but to date only a handful of insurers have experimented with mobile apps for customers. How will mobile technology evolve for insurance companies, clients and adjuster partners? Should insurer mobile apps be directed to customer, or adjuster, functionality? And how will the integration process work for all parts of the claims value chain?

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All in the Family

November 30, 2014 Craig Harris, Freelance writer

Georgian Claim Services Inc. has a unique commitment to quality that transcends the traditional employer- employee relationship.