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Willie Handler, Consultant, Willie Handler & Associates
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Attacking Fraud

September 1, 2014 Willie Handler, Consultant, Willie Handler & Associates

It has been nearly two years since the Ontario Auto Insurance Anti-Fraud Task Force delivered its final report, with 38 recommendations. A number of regulatory changes were made and with the Liberals re-elected with a majority, it is expected that adoption of the remaining recommendations will accelerate.

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Cyber Investigations

May 31, 2014 Trevor Raybould, IT claim investigator, Newtron Group

Every case is different, but here are some do’s and don’ts when handling cyber claims.



May 1, 2014 by Canadian Underwriter

CANADIAN MARKET Quindell, U.K. firm to partner on car offering Insurance technology firm Quindell has partnered with RAC, an auto services and insurance firm in the United Kingdom, to create a new business to distribute Quindell’s telematics technology. Including a

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Condo Concerns

March 31, 2014 Ryan Ewasiuk, Partner, Brownlee LLP

The unclear application of deductibles poses a risk in handling condominium insurance claims.

Alternate Channels
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Alternate Channels

February 1, 2014 Craig Harris, Freelance Writer

While some retailers are letting customers interact using mobile technologies, social media and self-serve kiosks, one expert says the insurance industry is just starting to grapple with the “omni-channel environment” while another contends that carriers have done little more than move paper-based transaction processes online. One senior IT executive for a property & casualty carrier notes that legacy policy administration computer systems are one obstacle and warns that a distribution strategy involving wireless devices and tablets raises information security concerns.

Privacy Pause
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Privacy Pause

October 1, 2013 Craig Harris, Freelance Writer

Consumers in Canada have shown some reluctance to embrace telematics and surveillance-like technology in their vehicles. In today’s age of big and meta data, clandestine electronic eavesdropping by government agencies and juicy revelations of whistleblowers, insurance companies may have to rethink their approach to privacy – if they want customers to buy in. Information is the new currency in rating and underwriting, but the price for entry may be greater disclosure and transparency.

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First notice of loss sets tone for claims experience

July 31, 2013 by

The first notice of loss call a customer makes to their insurance provider after a collision or having vehicle damage “sets the tone” for their overall claims experience, notes a new satisfaction survey from J.D. Power. That first phone call

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On The Scene

March 31, 2013 by

Cunningham Lindsey Canada Claims Services Ltd. (Cunningham Lindsey) President and CEO Rob Seal is pleased to announce the firm’s 90th anniversary in Canada. “March 2013 marks Cunningham Lindsey’s 90th anniversary in Canada, an amazing milestone in our firm’s history,” said

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Examining the Experts

January 31, 2013 by

For years, courts have expressed concern about the trend of “hired gun” expert witnesses retained by plaintiff or defendant lawyers. Some courts are now applying a higher level of judicial scrutiny to the role of expert witnesses, particularly in cases

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Getting Personal

December 2, 2012 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

Some lawyers caution that Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment is getting more aggressive about naming directors and officers as being personally responsible for clean-up costs. It is also important to note commercial general liability insurance policies do not usually cover risks of historical contamination and third-party liability does not necessarily cover clean-up costs of one’s own property.

Sharon Vogel, Partner, Construction, Engineering, Surety and Fidelity Group, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
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Clarifying Condo Coverage

November 2, 2012 Sharon Vogel; Partner, Construction, Engineering, Surety and Fidelity Group; Borden Ladner Gervais L

Insurance requirements for a condominium project during construction and a condominium after construction has been completed are very different. Mitigation of risks demands that that difference be appropriately addressed.

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Making Something out of Nothing

September 30, 2012 Matt Mulholland, senior manager, Matson, Driscoll & Damico Ltd.

Business Interruption Claims and the Start-up Enterprise