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Not in Kansas Anymore

March 31, 2012 By Craig Harris

A torrent of tornado activity has highlighted the risk of severe convective storms. While there is some debate over whether twisters are on the rise, the devastating potential for loss of life, injuries and extreme property damage means that the claims response from independent adjusters has to be quick and comprehensive.

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Taking Chances

January 31, 2012 Laura Kupcis

When it comes to safety, independent adjusters have come a long way from years past when safety was not high on the priority list. Now, internal company policies, and a healthy dose of common sense, are relied upon to direct adjusters to make the safest choices when handling claims.

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Adjusters in the Field

September 30, 2011 Greg Merrithew

Workplace safety and the role of the adjuster

Scott B. Clark

Strengthening the Base

August 1, 2011 David Gambrill, Editor

RIMS President Scott B. Clark is a big believer in strengthening the organization’s local chapter base and expanding the political influence of risk managers, which may be of benefit to Canadian RIMS chapters in the future.

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10 Coverage Decisions from 2010 That You Ought To Know About

January 31, 2011 Christopher Dunn

It was a relatively busy year in Canadian courts for insurers. While all was relatively quiet on the Supreme Court of Canada front, with the exception of release of the much-anticipated decision in Progressive Homes v. Lombard, the Ontario Court


Built to a New Code

August 1, 2010 Grant Kelly, Director, Climate Change Adaptation Projects, Institute For Catastrophic Loss Reduction

The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) has called for changes to the Ontario Building Code to help prevent water and wind damage.


The Other Side of the Desk

June 1, 2010 Keith Edwards

Opinion/Analysis; As an adjuster, I know all about delivering good customer service. But after a flood in our place earlier this year, I learned a whole lot about what the claimants go through.

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Steamatic: Flood and Learn

May 31, 2010 by

The best way to mitigate water damage losses — and keep costs in check — is through immediate response, Dave Bonnar, director of franchising and insurance development of Steamatic, said. “The faster we can get in, the faster we can

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An Oft Forgotten Risk

May 31, 2010 Dennis Turriff And Mark Bailey

Hot water heater failures, due to age or damage, are among the top five sources of water losses in homes.

Robert Harder, Senior Consultant, Robert Harder Consulting Group Inc.

10 Lessons for Brokers

April 1, 2010 Robert Harder

A consultant breaks down what he has seen in his efforts to improve brokers’ businesses.


Looking Inward

December 1, 2009 by Canadian Underwriter

There is a song by a 1980-90s band called The The, in which the singer Matt Johnson advises: ‘If you can’t change the world, then change yourself.’ Besieged by world events that have substantially eaten into their profit margins, Canadian


Seeing-Eye Technology

December 1, 2009 By: J. B. Hahn

Infrared technology is an increasingly economical means to detect potential risks and identify risk control measures.