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Paid Uniting industries to tackle the auto theft crisis

November 28, 2023 AVIVA Canada

Canada’s auto theft rates have reached crisis levels. With provinces across the country experiencing double digit increases in the first half of this year, the industry is estimating $1 billion in losses for 2023. The financial and emotional stress associated

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Why brokers and lifestyle customers should already be thinking about winterization

August 26, 2021 Canadian Underwriter

Even though summer is not yet over, customers with motorhomes, watercraft, trailers, and cottages should already start thinking about fall and winter. In recent years, more people have taken an interest in lifestyle products, notably the younger demographic, with many

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What separates cottage thefts from city thefts

August 19, 2021 Canadian Underwriter

With provinces across Canada lifting mobility restrictions, one survey by shows that 23% of Canadians are ready for a getaway — perhaps to the cabin near trees, beaches and the lake. But some cottagers may be in for a

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Insuring your camping adventure on wheels

August 12, 2021 Canadian Underwriter

Personal lines clients who own Recreational Vehicles (RVs) need specialized insurance, and the coverage they need depends exactly on how the clients plan to use the units. Specialized RV coverage includes guaranteed replacement cost for newer trailers, emergency roadside assistance,

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Top 3 ways Mother Nature can ruin your cottage

August 5, 2021 Canadian Underwriter

Water is often touted as “the new fire,” but not in cottage country, where fire still ranks as the Number 1 cause of loss. “In personal lines, we have seen water become the new fire, or in some cases surpass

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Why avid cottagers should consider standalone coverage

July 29, 2021 Canadian Underwriter

Avid cottage enthusiasts may benefit from some of the “bells and whistles” offered in a standalone policy, as opposed to simply attaching their recreational homes to existing homeowner policies, according to a lifestyle insurance expert at Aviva Canada. Benefits of

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How to sell lifestyle insurance to the new demographic

July 22, 2021 by David Gambrill

Brokers may have noticed that clients currently looking for help with insurance for lifestyle-type products have fewer grey hairs than those who used to make such purchases. Working with younger customers, who are starting to represent a larger share of

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Why boat insurers are starting to feel more like car insurers these days

July 15, 2021 Canadian Underwriter

Boats with high-tech safety gadgets are starting to look a lot more like cars nowadays — and that means more expensive and difficult repairs, as Aviva Canada reports. “The big trend we are seeing right now in watercraft is big

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Paid 3 RV accidents you can avoid

July 9, 2021 Aviva Canada

It’s important to practice good safety measures to help avoid the most common accidents. Your RV customers will know there’s nothing like exploring the countryside from the comfort of an RV. With almost every convenience at your fingertips, you can

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The unique coverages for collector cars

July 8, 2021 Canadian Underwriter

When people typically think of collector cars, they may immediately think of something like a 1970 Dodge Challenger, a Classic Corvette, and other cars of that vintage. But collector cars also include exotics — think of something from Lamborghini —

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What to ask clients who work from home in their “seasonal” properties

December 17, 2020 by David Gambrill

Seasonal properties may be more of an “all-season” event this year, as Canadians working remotely from home may choose to do their work in a more scenic cottage setting instead. For Canada’s property and casualty insurance brokers, the “fluid” living

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First conviction in Canada for driving a canoe while impaired causing death

August 30, 2019 by David Gambrill

For the first time in Canada, someone has been convicted of impaired driving charges causing death while paddling a canoe. “This is a unique case in that it is the first time [that] charges have been prosecuted respecting the operation