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Commercial claims spike as global pandemic wreaks havoc

November 29, 2021 Jeff Buckstein

A surprising reveal in Canadian Underwriter’s Trusted Advisor 2021 survey is that 23% of business client respondents said they’d contacted their broker to make a commercial claim over the past two years. That’s up from 20% in the 2020 survey.

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Brokers must close perceived value gap

November 22, 2021 Jeff Buckstein

Respondents to Canadian Underwriter’s Trusted Advisor 2021 survey sent a clear message to brokers: many, they believe, should improve their service. Rating on a scale of zero to ten under the category Net Promoter Score (NPS), the likelihood they would

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Digital growth demands new broker skill and training

November 15, 2021 Jeff Buckstein

The ongoing digital revolution, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, will continue to have a major impact on the way brokers provide services. Canadian Underwriter’s Trusted Advisor 2021 survey found 80% of business clients and 73% of personal clients said online

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Brokers adapting to pandemic, hard market adversity

November 8, 2021 Jeff Buckstein

Brokers have adapted well to the unprecedented challenges posed by the worst global pandemic in more than a century, on top of a hard insurance market, according to the Trusted Advisor 2021 survey by Canadian Underwriter. Brokers are “a very

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Hard market conditions tough on client-broker perceptions

November 1, 2021 Jeff Buckstein

Hard markets are not only tough on the entire insurance industry, they can also disrupt the way brokers are perceived by their clients. Canadian Underwriter’s Trusted Advisor 2021 survey contained several responses that revealed low levels of satisfaction and the

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Survey shows brokers need to improve claims management services

October 26, 2021 Jeff Buckstein

Brokers dealing with claims management should explore ways to hone their client skills in several categories, say business respondents to Canadian Underwriter’s Trusted Advisor 2021 survey. Only 36% of respondents – commercial clients of the brokers – said they were

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Digital service expansion a delicate balancing act

October 19, 2021 Jeff Buckstein

Successful brokers must balance surging demand for online digital services with a clear recognition that clients want to maintain a strong human connection. “If you force all your clients to go to in-person and on-phone service, you are cutting out

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Digital service brokerage options on verge of major expansion

October 12, 2021 Jeff Buckstein

The digital revolution is expected to spread more rapidly and deeply into the insurance industry over the next few years, despite relatively modest demand from customers to date. “Brokers should be putting digital strategy as part of their overall business

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Trusted Advisor survey calls for more proactive broker contact

October 5, 2021 Jeff Buckstein

Brokers need to be more proactive in reaching out to their business and consumer clients, according to the Canadian Underwriter Trusted Advisor 2021 survey. Only 36% of business respondents — and a considerably smaller proportion of consumers (26%) — said

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What brokers can do more of to help their clients protect against flood risk

August 27, 2020 by David Gambrill

Canadians understand that flood damage has increased, but they don’t necessarily know to protect their homes against it, according to joint research conducted by RSA Canada and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada. The research suggests an opportunity for Canadian P&C

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Where personal lines brokers say they fare better than commercial brokers

August 24, 2020 David Gambrill

When renewing a client’s policy, personal lines brokers rated themselves as more successful in finding the right coverage for the right price than did commercial lines brokers, according to Canadian Underwriter’s latest Trusted Advisor Survey. In Part 2 of our

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Where brokers think they can improve in helping their clients

August 24, 2020 David Gambrill

Brokers admit they could do better when it comes to comparing options for their clients, according to the Trusted Advisor Survey. In Part 2 of the Canadian Underwriter Trusted Advisor series, we asked Canadian P&C insurance brokers to rate themselves