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Mexico, Untapped Opportunities for Brokers

November 1, 2001 Peter Bassel, Toronto branch manager of Loyalist Insurance Broke

For Canadian brokers, the prospects of developing their existing client relationships by maximizing on the dramatic growth in Canadian business and tourism to and within Mexico is immense. The trick lies in not being overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with foreign business practices.

Canadians gather at Parliament Hill in Ottawa to express their sympathy and mourn the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The Risk of Terror: Lessons From the Disaster

October 1, 2001 Vikki Spencer

As delegates at the 2001 Canadian Risk and Insurance Management Society (CRIMS) Conference learned of the tragic terrorist attacks carried out in the U.S. mid-way through the gathering, normal sessions were put aside and attention turned to the implications, both personal and professional, of these historic events. Amidst fears for co-workers possibly involved in the World Trade Center (WTC) crisis and a general outpouring of sympathy, risk managers tried to understand the disaster, and perhaps even take some lessons.


Stock Insurers: Setting the Pace

July 1, 2001 Vikki Spencer

With the recent introduction of new insurance-related stocks on the American market, and the movement of Canadian stock companies onto exchanges south of the border, it would seem insurers are playing in the equities market spotlight. Speculation that the downfall of the technology sector could spur a return to more tried and true performers is coupled with recognition that hardening rates will bring a return to confidence in the insurance sector. But who among the Canadian players will come out on top? CU asks analysts and public company management what the key to stock market success will be.


Reinsurance Strategies

December 1, 2000 Vikki Spencer

Inadequate rates, worldwide catastrophic losses and consolidation in the primary market created dismal results for reinsurers in the past few years. But could there be a light on the horizon? CU’s survey of Canadian reinsurance CEOs suggests change is in the wind, with rates set to rise this year and companies charting a course for profitability in the future.

Bill Star

Kingsway acquires AXA fleet book

June 1, 2000 by Canadian Underwriter

Insurer AXA Canada has sold its book of commercial trucking business, consisting of ten vehicles and more, to specialty insurer Kingsway Financial Services Inc. The book is valued at about $23 million in annual premium. As part of the arrangement,

illustration: gerald heydens

Developing niche lines of business: The garage sale closed

March 1, 2000 by Lowell Conn

When the “garage sale” begins and market players undercut one another, nowhere is the reverberations felt any stronger than the specialty lines business. Niche operators want the message to be clear: “Stay out of out of our business”. More to

"The Internet is going to work very well on personal lines, but on the commercial side, I expect customers will still want to deal with someone"-- Bill O'Brien.

The Distribution Challenge Of 2000

January 1, 2000 Sean van Zyl, Editor

The North American Insurance Conference, recently held in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, drew an equal crowd of Canadian and U.S. insurance attendees, the event speakers covering a broad range of subjects from reinsurance market conditions through to the impact of