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Aviva Canada responds to CU poll results

January 29, 2018   by David Gambrill

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Canadian Underwriter conducted a poll of its broker readers last week. Out of the 401 responses CU received, about 68% placed business with Aviva Canada.

Among the survey findings, we asked brokers to record their level of agreement with the following two statements:

I understand how this leadership change will affect my business relationship with Aviva.

Disagree Strongly, 21.23%
Disagree Somewhat, 33.96%
Agree Somewhat, 37.26%
Agree Strongly, 7.55%

I want to know more about how the new leadership at Aviva will work with the broker channel.

Disagree Strongly, 2.00%
Disagree Somewhat, 10.00%
Agree Somewhat, 29.50%
Agree Strongly, 58.50%

Aviva Canada provided a written statement to Canadian Underwriter when presented with the above results. Here is a full text of the written statement, attributed to Jason Storah, Executive Vice President, Broker Distribution, Aviva Canada:

“Aviva always values feedback from brokers, on any area of our business. I’m passionate about continually improving how we help brokers grow and be successful. Our own broker feedback survey in late 2017 showed significant improvement year-over-year on brokers recommending Aviva – our dedicated underwriting teams, breadth of product lines and market-leading digital broker support were highlighted as the reasons for this.

“I am thrilled that Colm is joining Aviva Canada on March 1. The many brokers who have met him already know he’s a strong advocate of the broker channel and a supporter of Canadian brokers. There will be plenty of opportunities for brokers to meet Colm over the coming months; in the meantime, it’s business as usual and as always, if brokers have any questions, please just reach out and talk to us.”