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2023 Executive Outlook | Tina Osen, HUB

December 28, 2022   by Canadian Underwriter Staff

Tina Osen

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Tina Osen, president, HUB International Canada

There has been so much conversation lately about the talent landscape.

The reality is, we must focus on positioning ourselves so people recognize the opportunities available in the P&C industry and understand the diversity of career paths we can provide that enable people to have meaningful, fulfilling careers. How we collectively tell our story, make people aware of the industry and attract people to insurance will become essential to our success.

Canadian demographics support the notion we will lose more baby boomers from the workforce than we’re able to replace with millennials and Gen Zs. As immigration numbers increase in Canada, our talent pools must be diverse to help support our shrinking workforce. Organizations with diversity, equity and inclusion embedded into their cultures, as well as having a strong focus on environmental, social and governance benchmarks, will prevail.

Of course, attraction to the industry is just one piece of the puzzle. Training, development and meaningful career paths will be imperative if we want to set ourselves apart from other industries.

Additionally, at the macro level, the global environment is not easy – geopolitical risk, inflation, hybrid work environments, climate risk, looming recession – all these outside pressures make life challenging for our employees. We must foster environments that support our leaders’ resilience, so they in turn can support their workforce.