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What to tell commercial clients about the Delta variant

October 10, 2021 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

A new strain of COVID-19 is making it harder for the economy to return to normal. Brokers and employment lawyers weigh in.

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A fire season like none other

October 6, 2021 Jason Contant, Online Editor

Even as B.C. wildfires continue to burn, investigations begin and claims start rolling in.

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Tornado blows change through Ontario bylaws

October 5, 2021 Jason Contant, Online Editor

Municipalities respond to series of tornadoes with new rules governing building construction.

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The challenges and joys of modernization

October 4, 2021 Jason Contant, Online Editor

KPMG’s Chris Cornell says project management, system implementation, and accessing resources are the biggest challenges, as the start date of the new insurance accounting standard IFRS 17 approaches.

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Warm… but no longer cosy

October 2, 2021 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

Rising sea levels, more intense rainfall and an increase in fire weather are among the effects the Canadian industry could feel from climate change.

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The many shapes of recovery

August 1, 2021 David Gambrill, Editor-in-Chief

Will the post-COVID recovery follow the shape of a V, U, W, or square-root symbol? It all depends on the insurance.

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From one extreme to another

July 1, 2021 Glenn McGillivray, Managing Director, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

When attempting to sum up the industry’s business environment during the pandemic, the word ‘extreme’ comes to mind

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Deal or No Deal?

December 16, 2020 David Gambrill, Editor in Chief

Intact makes a splash with its intention to buy not only RSA Canada, but its parent company in Europe

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Taming Social Inflation

December 16, 2020 Adam Malik, Managing Editor

Social inflation essentially describes insurers’ increasing legal costs. Why insurers are pinning this primarily on the rise of litigation funding

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The shift in how brokers are paid

December 12, 2020 Jason Contant, Online Editor

Compensation models based on performance continue to rise in popularity. A look at what some brokerages are doing and why…

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The show must go on

December 11, 2020 Scott Carroll, Executive Vice President, Program Director, Take1 Insurance

The new COVID landscape means looking for alternative ways to mitigate claims risk at live events

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Undisputed Neutrality

December 9, 2020 Adam Malik, Managing Editor

In a world where insurers are amalgamating claims service offerings, third-party forensic engineers can bring to the table a neutral, unbiased perspective that is void of any potential for a conflict of interest, says Chris Giffin, chief executive officer of Haag Canada.