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Frigid cold temperatures in Montreal News ClaimsClaims CanadaClimate ChangeInsurance

High winds, icy conditions leave many without power in Ontario and Quebec

February 29, 2024 by The Canadian Press

Extreme weather conditions were expected to continue across Canada on Thursday after a sharp cold front with high winds hit vast areas of Quebec and Ontario, knocking out power lines and leaving tens of thousands of people in the dark…

In-the-classroom learning News AdjustersClaimsEmploymentInsuranceProfessional DevelopmentRisk

How industry professionals are tackling talent recruitment

February 28, 2024 by Jason Contant

Canada’s P&C insurance industry is looking at everything from career fast-track programs to scholarships and student involvement programs to handle talent recruitment challenges. Recruitment has long been an industry challenge. In late January, the Insurance Institute of Canada, the industry’s…

Expensive car wrecked on a street News ClaimsInsurance

Why complex cars create costly problems

February 28, 2024 by Philip Porado

An acute shortage of semiconductors is a big contributor to rising auto claims costs for auto insurers. “That’s had a significant impact in certain types of cars,” says Paul Gilbody, president of ClaimsPro Canada. “A huge amount of electronics now…

Illustration of a GenAI robot sitting at a desk and typing on a laptop News BrokersClaimsInsuranceTechnology

Meet your new underwriting assistant: GenAI

February 28, 2024 by Alyssa DiSabatino

Generative AI (GenAI) won’t replace underwriters, but you can train it to be your underwriting assistant, one AI expert shared at an industry event Tuesday.  “In North America, there are quite a few insurers that are going through proof of…

Cyberattack concept News ClaimsClaims CanadaCommercial LinesInsuranceMarkets / CoveragesTechnology

No evidence that RCMP data was extracted during recent cyberattack: commissioner

February 28, 2024 by The Canadian Press

OTTAWA – The head of the RCMP said Tuesday there was no evidence to date that personal or operational information had been pilfered from the national police force’s systems during a recent cyberattack. “Based on information that we’ve gone through,…

Autonomous car sensor system concept for safety of driverless mode car control News ClaimsInsurance

Safety tech in cars isn’t reducing insurers’ claims costs

February 27, 2024 by David Gambrill

Much has been made of the new electronic safety tech in cars, but it doesn’t seem to be making a dent in auto insurers’ claims costs, according to a new report by “You might expect that with more safety…

Saving coins to represent high cost insurance coverage for cyber attacks News BrokersClaimsInsurance

Pricing still affects brokers’ ability to sell cyber

February 27, 2024 by David Gambrill

To the surprise of no one in the broker channel, the ongoing hard market in cyber still plays a significant role in why clients decline to buy coverage. About 40% of brokers responding to a recent CU survey selected ‘Price…

Taxi car with Uber logo on the snowy street. News ClaimsInsuranceLegalMarkets / Coverages

Why this Uber driver was not injured in an auto accident

February 26, 2024 by David Gambrill

An Uber driver who slipped on ice when helping a passenger load the trunk was not involved in an auto ‘accident,’ the Ontario Licence Appeal Tribunal has ruled. The ruling is consistent with a trend in Ontario case law over…

Snow fall covering a car in Nova Scotia News ClaimsClaims CanadaClimate ChangeInsuranceMarkets / Coverages

As planet warms, ferocious snowfalls like the one that hit Nova Scotia could increase

February 26, 2024 by Hina Alam, The Canadian Press

ATLANTIC CANADA – Forecasters say a warming global climate could actually cause some parts of Canada to see colder conditions, including heavy snowfalls like the one that hit parts of the Maritimes this week. There’s a direct relationship between the…

Are SUVs getting too big to avoid serious accidents? News ClaimsInsuranceLegal

Will bigger vehicles lead to bigger claims?

February 23, 2024 by Philip Porado

With accident rates climbing, one growing area of concern is that vehicles are becoming much larger. For example, rapid changes in vehicle specs mean full-size SUVs from 1999 would today meet the gearhead moniker of ‘Cute Ute.’ With sport utility…

Sports Photographer in an empty stadium News ClaimsInsuranceLegalRisk

Sports insurers urged to consider video review

February 22, 2024 by David Gambrill

A legal firm urges sports insurers to require their sports association clients to install cameras to record the action, following the B.C. Court of Appeal’s January 2024 decision in Cox v. Miller. In Cox v Miller, the court found Karl…

Car thief attempting to break into a vehicle News ClaimsClaims CanadaInsurance

Federal government announces $15 million to combat car thefts across Canada

February 22, 2024 by The Canadian Press

MONTREAL – The federal government is committing an additional $15 million over three years to fight the rise in vehicle thefts across the country. Minister of Public Safety Dominic LeBlanc made the announcement yesterday in Montreal. LeBlanc said $9 million…