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Message from the President

May 16, 2018 Monica Kuzyk, President, Canadian Independent Adjusters’ Association

How upcoming Ontario election impacts auto insurance

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La Plume du Président

May 16, 2018 Monica Kuzyk, President, ACEI

Nous ne nous qu’à quelques semaines des élections provinciales ontariennes. Les libéraux de l’Ontario sont au pouvoir depuis près de 15 ans. Selon un article de la CBC publié en 2017, seulement trois partis provinciaux sont restés au pouvoir plus

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Sales Incentives

May 15, 2018 The CIP Society - Insurance Institute of Canada

The CIP Society Ethics Series THE ETHICAL DILEMMA The owner of a suburban insurance brokerage reviews the firm’s monthly production figures and is pleased with a recent spike in sales. Over the past several years, his brokerage has been very


The Revolution Will Be Digitized

May 13, 2018 David Gambrill, Editor-in-Chief

In an exclusive interview with Canadian Underwriter, Aviva Canada’s new president and CEO, Colm Holmes, says he is guided by the demands of Canadian consumers — and they want a digitized experience with the broker channel.

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Data Tuneup

May 11, 2018 Brenda Rose, Vice President, Partner, Firstbrook Cassie & Anderson Ltd.

Data maintenance will help keep your business running at top speed and efficiency

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Keeping your Millennials Engaged

May 9, 2018 Marchella Barbero, Communications Specialist, Sharp Insurance

Create a digitized culture at your brokerage that emphasizes, fun, innovation, and recognition
for a job well done.

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Restoration Myth-Busting: Three-day Drying

May 8, 2018 Kris Rzesnoski, vice-president, business development, Encircle

Insurance carriers could dramatically improve cycle time, profitability and improve customer service if they abandon misinformation about restorative drying. It has been nine years since one of the world’s leading restoration minds wrote the article “The three-day drying myth.” By

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Small is Beautiful

May 8, 2018 Emily Atkins, Editor

It’s fair to say that Nick Stagliano and Scott Mastromatteo dislike bureaucracy. In fact, their need to get out from under the load of meetings, paperwork and layers of management was a principal motivator in the founding of NSA Claims.

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Claims, Interrupted

May 8, 2018 Shane Swinson, SVP, insurance portfolio, FirstOnSite Restoration

Why a new breed of storms paves a new course for claims managers

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Tech Report: Is 2018 the Year of the Broker?

May 7, 2018 Eric Fenton, Head of Insurance, EPAM

Canadian insurers have emphasized work on their front-end systems to provide a direct-to-consumer experience. Now that carriers are working on their legacy systems to better integrate with brokers, will a direct broker-to-consumer experience be far behind?

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Sowing the Seeds of Prosperity

May 5, 2018 David Gambrill, Editor-in-Chief

Carriers offer advice to help brokers grow their business in a challenging pricing environment.


ABCs of Acquisition

May 3, 2018 Adam Mitchell, President, Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers

Here’s a quick summary of how to find clients organically, keep track of them, and know how much the new business is worth to you.