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Connected Consumers

November 8, 2017 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor; and Angela Stelmakowich, Editor

Insurtechs may present a threat to established insurance providers, but an Executive Forum speaker contends that young people should be in the market for a trusted advisor

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Standardizing Codes

November 6, 2017 Catherine Smola, president and chief executive officer, Centre for Study of Insurance Operations

Insurance brokerage databases for customer insurance policies rely on computer codes to identify elements endorsements, discounts and coverages. But when different insurance companies use different codes for the same element, it can require more work from brokers wanting to analyze the data.

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Data Crunching

November 3, 2017 Jeffrey Baer, Manager of Advanced Analytics, Economical Insurance

Brokerages of all sizes can gain insight using data analytics if they collect accurate data on clients and operations and leverage government and public information sources.

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Auto Use

November 1, 2017 Daniel Strigberger Partner; and Andrew Mercer, Associate; Samis + Company

For both auto and non-auto policies, parties sometimes disagree over whether or not property losses or personal injuries are, ultimately, caused by use or operation of a vehicle.

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Buyer Beware

October 30, 2017 Glenn McGillivray, Managing Director, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

Insurers have expertise in flood risk and have access to specific property information, but municipalities, with access to infrastructure data, are in a much better position to advise owners on how to assess their land for flood risk.

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Regulatory Reform

October 26, 2017 Brian Reeve, Partner, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

Insurance regulatory frameworks are becoming disrupted as new technologies and the rise of social media are changing the way insurance is bought and sold.

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Community Involvement

October 24, 2017 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

Brokers need to do more than just sit in their offices for eight hours a day, suggests Brian Purcell, president-elect of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario.

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Compromised Data

October 24, 2017 Antoine St-Germain, Partner, Gasco Goodhue St-Germain LLP

A Quebec court recently ruled that obtaining credit reports and replacing accounts are potentially matters for which plaintiffs could be entitled to compensation in a class-action lawsuit arising from a breach of a retailer’s payment card data.


Measuring Up: The 2017 National Broker Survey

October 20, 2017 Angela Stelmakowich, Editor

Canadian Underwriter’s inaugural National Broker Survey polled brokers across the country on issues such as technology and attracting qualified professionals.

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Wind and Rain

October 12, 2017 Angela Stelmakowich, Editor

Consider US$70 billion to US$90 billion. US$15 billion. US$25 billion to US$37 billion. These are just some of  the many loss estimates —  insured, economic and other — meant to pin down the spiralling, drenched mess that Harvey has created

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AI Gets Real

October 10, 2017 Norman Black, Insurance Industry Principal Consultant, SAS

The impact of artificial intelligence on the insurance industry is expected to be transformative. To capitalize on all that this offers — and be able to provide customers what they want and need — stakeholders must deftly negotiate technology, industry politics, talent and culture roadblocks to ensure a successful journey.

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Yellow Light, Green Light

October 6, 2017 Peter Vlaar, Associate Lawyer, McCague Borlack LLP

Will autonomous vehicles change litigation? While the answer to that question is surely “yes,” a deeper dive is needed to fully grasp what related developments could mean for property and casualty insurance. Longer term, a simpler system overall for addressing liability in auto claims is anticipated.