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Connection Protection

October 4, 2017 Derrick Hughes, Vice President, Reinsurance, Assumed and Strategic Products, The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada

The connected home, including smart appliances, is transforming everyone’s lives. What are the challenges, risks and risk management strategies to address this transformation?

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A Solid Foundation

October 2, 2017 Angela Stelmakowich, Editor

Scott Treasure, incoming president of the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada, understands that staying committed to core principles offers a strong foundation for moving forward.

Karen Clark
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Andrew: Now and Then

September 28, 2017 Karen Clark, Co-founder, Karen Clark & Company

Hurricane Andrew brought with it great devastation and loss a quarter-century ago, but also helped cement the value of well-informed catastrophe modelling. Fast forward 25 years and, once again, rethinking modelling is in order

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Lessons of the Road

September 26, 2017 Kent Rowe, President, Insurance Brokers Association of Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador is undertaking an automobile insurance review meant to chart the way forward for the province. Whatever the final destination, brokers will be along for the ride to help ensure customers are protected, regulatory changes foster a healthy and sustainable system, and consumer education is enhanced.

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Living Legacy

September 22, 2017 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

Replacing legacy information technology can be a daunting and expensive task, often representing a multi-year, multi-million-dollar project for an insurer. Opting to maintain, tweak or overhaul a legacy system all pose challenges, something carriers wanting to satisfy brokers and customers need to know

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Data Converging

September 21, 2017 Jason Contant, Online Editor; and Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

True, it is all about data these days. That said, determining how best to employ the ever-growing store of internal and external data is necessary to gain forward-looking insights. For Canada’s property and casualty insurance market, knowing what to do with data to meet customer needs and demands will likely prove the end-game.

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Volunteers Wanted

September 20, 2017 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

With the risk landscape changing, RIMS president Nowell Seaman says the organization welcomes risk professionals who are dedicated, passionate and want to better understand and manage risk.

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Flipping the Script

September 19, 2017 Jennifer Johnson, Partner and National Leader, Risk Assurances Services, PwC Canada

Disruption, clearly, is disruptive. But organizations, including those in Canada’s property and casualty insurance space, need to flip the script and view disruption for what it can be: an opportunity to change how they think about and manage risk.

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Risk of Recall

September 15, 2017 Cameron Brady, Assistant Vice President, Product Recall Underwriting, Chubb

Product recalls can have a significant impact on a business, regardless of its industry, size or location. Brokers need to keep abreast of associated risks to inform clients about what insurance coverage should be in place and to help them develop a product recall plan that best suits their needs and exposures.

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Charting the Course

September 13, 2017 Fred Eslami, Senior Financial Analyst, A.M. Best Company

Cyber insurance seems like it is poised to go it alone. Growth of the line — currently in the United States and perhaps in future in Canada — is taking shape as a stand-alone offering. What are the benefits of such a move?

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Here comes Trouble

September 11, 2017 The CIP Society - Insurance Institute of Canada

The quick fix of terminating a producer suspected of unethical behaviour by simply cutting a cheque could have some lingering effects. Litigation costs and unpleasantness may be avoided, but what if the producer simply moves on to a new job and continues with the same questionable behaviour? What must a brokerage do to meet its obligations to its customers, its industry and regulators?

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Tall Storey

September 7, 2017 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

Proposals in Ontario and federally to allow for taller wood buildings has attracted supporters and detractors, both of whom have different views on whether or not risks will also be higher.