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iPhone 5s was the most stolen item last Christmas

December 10, 2015   by Staff

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British thieves have become Apple fanatics over the past decade, Aviva’s UK claims data reveals.

The most stolen item around Christmastime in 2004 was the Sony Playstation 2, followed by accessories and games. Last year, the iPhone 5s with 16 GB of memory topped the top 10 list, and seven other list entries were also made by Apple.

“Expensive phones, tablets and laptops are now the must have items,” says Simon Warsop, Aviva’s chief underwriting officer. “But this kind of high value, small size tech is exactly what thieves are looking for.”

Thieves take advantage of empty homes and distracted neighbours on New Year’s Eve to swipe newly given tech.

While thefts tumble on Christmas Day, fires rise more than 120 percent because of extra cooking, festive candles and overloaded circuits.

This story was originally published by Canadian Insurance Top Broker.