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January 2011 Contents

January 18, 2011  

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Claims Changer
A new claims handling department has helped JDIMI president Bob Jones keep producers on track.
>>by Suzanne Sharma

Money in the Bank
Payment practices can drive differentiation when choosing an insurer for your client.
>> by Paul MacDonald and Allan Buitendag

DIY Claims
Large companies that cover claims in-house require special expertise.
>> by Stefan Dubowski

Claims Culture
Claims company executives discuss the challenges they face, and how brokers can work with them more effectively.
>> by Suzanne Sharma

Getting Claims in Control
Learn how three brokerages deal with the claims side of the business.
>>by Suzanne Sharma

Powder P&C
High-risk activities and remote locations mean big premiums and specialized risk management
>> by Brynna Leslie

This story was originally published by Canadian Insurance Top Broker.