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Saskatchewan changes definition of antique vehicles

January 8, 2018   by Staff

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Photo copyright: ChioseaSaskatchewan has changed the definition of antique vehicles to “vehicles that are model year 1987 and older,” SGI announced earlier today. Previously, vehicles qualified as antiques if they were at least 30 years old.

The province has seen a 55% increase in vehicles registered as antiques over the past five years, and the number of antique vehicles involved in claims has grown by 31% since 2011.

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“The intent of the Antique Use class, when originally created, was to accommodate vintage vehicles that were used infrequently—for parades, special occasions or Sunday drives,” Penny McCune, executive vice-president and COO of SGI’s Auto Fund, said in a news release.

“But we’re seeing more and more antique-registered vehicles driven as regular-use vehicles; daily in many cases,” McCune continued. “Because they’re insured at such a low cost, this does not adequately provide for the injury and liability claim payouts in the event of a collision.”

In Saskatchewan, all antique vehicles pay the same annual insurance premium of $85 plus PST, regardless of make or model. This includes full liability and injury benefits, although physical damage to the vehicles is limited to $800.

Owners of vintage vehicles made after 1987 could consider registering their vehicles for short-term use, as well as purchasing 24-hour or eight-day permits.

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