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CDL – Social Engineering Fraud: What Law Firms (and Everyone) Should Know

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by Canadian Defence Lawyers
June 22, 2017

Social Engineering Fraud – the simple act of inducing a company’s employee to do or say something that they would not otherwise do or say – has had a devastating impact on many Canadian companies, and has sparked some heated disputes around the applicability of crime insurance to these types of frauds.  This presentation will address how fraudsters use Social Engineering Fraud to commit crimes against organizations, and how crime insurance may (or may not) respond.  The presenters will also offer some practical tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of this extremely effective fraud technique, with particular emphasis on how law firms are themselves targeted, and what steps firms can take to minimize the risk of loss.   This timely presentation is crucial for both insurance professionals and lawyers.


Chris McKibbin, Partner, Fidelity Practice Group, Blaney McMurtry LLP

Joshua Laycock, National Fidelity Product Manager, The Guarantee Company of North America

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