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Complete Essential Management Skills Program

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by Insurance Institute of Nova Scotia
February 08 - February 22, 2022

As a group leader, managing your workload or being a manager yourself, the keys to successfully managing insurance professionals lie in your strengths and foundations.

For years Mr. Stephen Franklin has been promoting the various Essential People Management Skills modules, and thousands have taken advantage of the multiple topics that cover invaluable subjects. Now all of those individual sessions are available in one complete program.

Engage – Direct – Equip – Enforce

In this comprehensive training program, you will learn critical skills and receive the tools to lead, manage or supervise people successfully.

You will see an actual increase in your ability and confidence to get the levels of effort, care, and commitment that you need your team members to put into their work; and you will learn how to confidently and successfully address and deal with staff issues. You will learn how to have conversations with staff about their productivity, performance, or problem behaviors and successfully resolve the issue while maintaining positive workplace relationships.

 February 8: Module # 1 – Understanding My Natural People Management Style and Developing My People Management Skills Development Plan.

– February 10: Module # 2 – The Indispensable Keys to Staff Engagement and Motivation. (Engage)

– February 15: Module # 3 – Managing Staff (Direct)

– February 17: Module # 4 – The Keys to Effectively Coaching and Developing Staff (Equip)

– February 22: Module # 5 – The Proper Way to Correct Staff (Enforce)

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