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Essential Management Skills

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by Karen Bergin
February 07 - February 09, 2017
Insurance Institute of Ontario - Toronto Chapter 18 King Street East, 16th Floor Toronto, ON M5C 1C4

Moving from career professional into the role of management is an exciting step in one’s career. As you make the shift, your role and the skills you need to be effective will change. New managers must work hard to adapt to the challenges of managerial work and their new network of relationships and responsibilities.

Learning to effectively handle the stresses, challenges and changes associated with leading others is often as important to your career’s success as your specific achievements at work.

Come and learn more about your Leadership style and its impact on your team; the Performance Management Life Cycle; Delegation; Conflict Management; and Motivation. You will leave the course equipped with the core skills of management that will enable you to master the day-to-day challenge of leading others and achieve maximum results through your direct reports.

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