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Insurance claims, court procedures & trials: What to expect in 2022 – Live Webinar

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by Risk Management Counsel of Canada (RMC)
January 13, 2022

Over the past two years, claims handlers have been presented with all sorts of unexpected challenges and changes. What lies in store for the industry in 2022?

In this webinar panel discussion, RMC lawyers will review the current status of key elements of the claims settlement process, discuss what changes lie ahead in 2022, and analyze their impact on claims handlers over the course of the coming year.

Issues our panel will address include:

  • Changes to the claims settlement process that are here to stay
  • If and when jury trials will take place
  • How expert reports and testimony will be used
  • What parties will participate in mediations and pre-trial conferences
  • How mask and vaccine mandates are impacting proceedings
  • What practical considerations need to be considered ahead of court proceedings
  • The on-going impact of COVID-19 on court delays and the current timelines for settlement proceedings

The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A with audience members.

Join us on January 13th for this informative look at the year ahead and the preparations insurers should take to make the most out of 2022.

Our Panel

Marie-Hélène Betournay
Stein Monast, Quebec City

Michael Orlan
Blaney McMurtry LLP, Toronto

Caroline Smith
McKercher LLP, Saskatoon

Carmen Tham
Lindsay LLP, Vancouver

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