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Construction Insurance – Projects and Operations – Webinar (EST)

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by Conestoga Chapter, IIO
June 20, 2022
On-Line 9am- 4pm (EST)

We all have an understanding of the negative impact of an improperly covered loss.  Whether contractors are involved in building small or multi-million dollar projects the impact of an improperly covered loss can be truly devastating. During the session attendees will review appropriate coverages for construction risks and understand the importance of developing the proper insurance program for their construction clients.


  • Property Coverages – including Builders’ Risk and Contractors’ Equipment and Business Interruption
  • Liability Coverages – including CGL, Wrap-up and Professional Liability
  • Automobile Coverages
  • Other Coverages – including Aviation, Marine, Environmental, Terrorism, U.S. Workers’ Compensation and Foreign Workers’ CompensationBy the end of the seminar you will be able to:
  • Explain the types of insurance needed for construction projects
  • Describe the basics about various coverages including, project, liability, delay-of-start-up and operational insurance as well as other many coverages and products.
  • Outline underwriting considerations and exposures

Seminar Leader
Melanie Needham, FCIP, CRM  

CE hours: 5.5 (Ontario/Alberta/Manitoba)



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