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Be watchful, be careful – Protect your place of worship advises Ecclesiastical Insurance

February 2, 2021   by Ecclesiastical Insurance

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TORONTO, ON, FEB. 2, 2021/insPRESS/ – With many churches standing idle as a result of the ongoing restrictions on gatherings due to the pandemic, the threat of arson remains, and places of worship are encouraged to remain watchful at this time. Arson fire is a frightening and potentially catastrophic event and when it occurs at a place of worship, the physical and emotional damages can be enormous.

“The damage is often both shocking and devastating,” said Colin Robertson, Vice President, Risk Control and Operations at Ecclesiastical Insurance. “Places of worship serve as a community hub, a place where communities can come together and so the emotional impact of these type of events is obviously immense.”

Ecclesiastical has several resources available on its website which can assist places of worship in protecting against fire, vandalism and arson.  One white paper entitled Protect your Place of Worship – Understand, Manage and Reduce the Risks of Arson, includes a comprehensive, ten-step guide to implementing an Arson Prevention Program – one way of proactively protecting your place of worship.

“We are here to help faith communities across the country,” said Robertson.  “Being aware of potential risks, and managing these risks proactively, will provide peace of mind and reduce possible damage caused by would-​be vandals.”

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Sally Turney, Communications Executive, Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc

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