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Climate first for restoration company

April 26, 2022   by Hudson Restoration Inc.

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TORONTO, ON, APRIL 26 2022/insPRESS/ – A Canadian restoration company has stepped up after the latest devastating IPCC climate report, to be the first in its sector with a net-zero carbon footprint. Hudson Restoration recognized that change must happen if we want our children and grandchildren to enjoy a world not plagued by extreme weather events and inhabitable conditions. The company launched its #restoringgreen initiative, putting the climate at the forefront of every decision it makes. This was driven by the fact that Canada’s building sector produces the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide as 20 million vehicles every year. That accounts for about 17% of Canada’s emissions – and worryingly, that number is rising.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned this week it is “now or never” to ward off the worst ravages of the climate emergency.
Steve Hudson, President of Hudson Restoration Inc, agrees: “It isn’t enough to run a business well, take care of your clients and turn a profit. “There is a bigger picture here that all of us need to be aware of, and you become aware by asking yourself one question: Are the effects of our business helping or hindering the fight against climate change?
“Hudson Restoration is helping.”

Some examples of how the company is achieving net-zero results are:

  • Planting 10 trees for every claim received through a partnership with OneTreePlanted;
  • Collaborating with another leader in the battle against climate change, Aclymate, to calculate all emissions Hudson Restoration produces properly and effectively;
  • Designated a Director of Sustainability to oversee the company’s eco-friendly solutions and initiatives;
  • Implementation of an extensive recycling program, focusing on the most eco-friendly approach to disposal of affected building materials removed from a loss;
  • Implementing uniforms in collaboration with eco-friendly clothing suppliers;
  • Transitioning the entire vehicle fleet to hybrid vehicles by 2023, fully electric by 2028;
  • Using eco-friendly stationery and office supplies;
  • Using eco-friendly cleaning supplies, tools and equipment for projects;
  • Advocating for green energy and eco-solutions through their social marketing platforms.

Mr Hudson adds: “We’re hopeful this is just the beginning of a trend that could start to make a real positive change within the building sector in Canada.”
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Hudson Restoration Inc. has established itself as the go-to eco-friendly restoration contractor in Ontario, with aspirations to spread their unparalleled customer service across the country soon.  Having humble beginnings as a boutique family-run restoration company in Burlington, ON, they now have five locations across the GTA and Muskoka region with an eye for expansion.  They’ve handled many unique and challenging projects across their coverage area with a white glove approach leaving the clients and adjusters alike feeling a sense of calm and sureness that can be hard to come by at times in this industry.

Visit the Aclymate partnership site to see the specific projects that Hudson Restoration is backing in order to completely offset their carbon footprint.

Media contact:
Zach Hudson
Director of Sustainability – Digital Marketing Specialist

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