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Free Webinar: In the Lab with Origin and Cause – Accelerant Detection Dogs

June 25, 2018   by Origin and Cause

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MISSISSAUGA, ON, June 25, 2018 /insPRESS/ – Last month, Origin and Cause hosted a free webinar, attended by insurers and adjusters across Canada and enthusiastically received by all. “Did You Feel That? Construction Vibration Damage Claims” is now available online for anyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating subject and growing concern.

On July 25, Origin and Cause will host a new webinar: “In the Lab with Origin and Cause: Accelerant Detection Dogs”

Accelerant detection dogs are able to identify extremely low volumes of fire accelerants, with far more accuracy and speed than humans, or even machines. They are trained from a young age to sniff out and lead fire investigators to traces of unburned fuel so that samples can be taken from precise locations and sent to a lab for analysis. 

This webinar, led by expert canine trainer and handler, Sid Murray, will cover:

  • When and why dogs are used in investigations
  • The advantages dogs bring to an investigation
  • How dogs are chosen and trained
  • Case studies

Wednesday, July 25 | 1 PM – 2 PM EST

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Sid Murray

Sid has been training certified detection dogs for over 25 years. He is the trainer and handler of Origin and Cause’s K9 unit, assisting our fire and explosion experts in investigating incidents that may involve the use of fuels as accelerants. He has completed over 1,000 fire investigations, and has worked with police departments, government agencies and companies throughout North America, South America and Europe. He is also the author of two books on the subject, Passive Alert Detection Dog Training Manual and Bomb Dog Training.

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