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National Poll Indicates 90 Per Cent of Industry Professionals Report Having a Low Familiarity with the Recent DSM-5 Changes

July 12, 2013   by SCM Insurance Services

 Toronto—Cira Medical Services (Cira), a Canadian leader in independent medical evaluation services, held a webinar on July 10, 2013, titled, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5): Review of new diagnostic criteria and what it means to your business, in which it polled the more than 250 Canadian attendees on their familiarity regarding the changes to the DSM. The results of the national online voluntary poll showed that 90 per cent of the almost 200 industry professionals who answered have a low familiarity with the changes and remain uninformed regarding the recently released fifth edition of the Manual.

The webinar was designed to help Canadian industry professionals navigate through the changes incorporated into the DSM-5. Led by industry expert Dr. David Gratzer, MD, FRCPC, attending Psychiatrist at The Scarborough Hospital, the presentation on the “DSM-5 Controversies and Content” engaged participants from a variety of industries, including insurance, health, and members within human services. An overview of Cira was also provided by Dr. Avi Orner, MD, MBA, CCFP the Medical Director of Cira Medical Services.  

The DSM-5 is widely used by leading North American professional groups such as the American Psychological Association and the Canadian Psychiatric Association. Its changes will not only affect diagnoses provided by mental health professionals, but will also impact various businesses, including members working within human services, health, and insurance.

Cira’s inaugural webinar aimed to clear up confusion in the marketplace regarding the DSM-5, and to provide clients with a better understanding of the shift in how diagnoses are reported for independent medical evaluations related to mental health issues.

“Mental health is a rising concern among Canadians and we are committed to keeping professionals informed and knowledgeable about the tools available for diagnosis by hosting informative events, led by industry experts, to encourage thought leadership, knowledge transfer, and industry growth,” said Karen Seward, President of Cira Medical Services and author of the recently released white paper Balancing Workplace Mental Health Issues and Employee Privacy Rights.

“As the Canadian leader in independent health assessments, we are proud to provide learning opportunities and added value to our clients and stakeholders by strengthening their knowledge of the DSM-5 and its impact on Canadians.”

A video recording of the webinar is available on the Cira website and can be viewed here.

Balancing Workplace Mental Health Issues and Employee Privacy Rights is available for download here.

With experts in more than 48 medical specialties including a wide range of leading mental health authorities, Cira has developed an enhanced medical assessment model that helps Canadian employers address workplace mental and physical health issues proactively. Visit the Cira Medical Services website for more information about Cira’s workplace mental health solutions, including Health Assess™.

About Cira Medical Services Cira Medical Services (Cira) is a leading provider of independent medical evaluations and clinical risk management services for the corporate, insurance, and medical legal industries across Canada. With an unparalleled roster of physicians and regulated health professionals and a deep breadth of insurance, corporate, and medical expertise on staff, Cira delivers defensible and accurate reports, backed by expert advice.

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