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Unconscious Bias Conference – Diversity, Inclusion and Overcoming Bias in the Workplace

February 26, 2020   by -30- Forensic Engineering

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TORONTO, ON, Feb 26, 2020/InsPress/ — The Insurance and Legal communities came together at the highly anticipated Unconscious Bias Conference in Toronto. Senior industry speakers and delegates were immersed in a thought-provoking curriculum which was designed to provide participants with key take-aways to bring back to their respective organizations.

Hosted by Schultz Frost LLP and 30 Forensic Engineering, the event successfully encouraged speakers and over 100 attendees to openly discuss and understand how to recognize and define unconscious and gender biases in the workplace; know how to use practical tools to address instance of bias in a positive and proactive manner, appreciate how diversity greatly benefits places of work, and recognize the value a diverse leadership team brings to an organization.




Fotini Iconomopoulos
Unconscious Bias

          • Define unconscious bias and gender bias
          • Identifying gender bias in the workplace
          • Differentiate subtle versus overt bias
          • Exercise on identifying bias in yourself
          • Behavioural strategies for overcoming instances of bias


Delee Fromm
Bias Busting Behavior at Work – Practical Tools for Addressing Bias in the Workplace

          • Recognizing an instance of bias and understanding the discomfort caused
          • Tools for addressing bias/discrimination
          • Preventing gender discrimination in the workplace






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