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Heavy equipment being moved as work continues on the Trans Mountain pipeline.
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Shipper costs to rise as regulator approves preliminary interim Trans Mountain tolls

December 1, 2023 Amanda Stephenson - THE CANADIAN PRESS

CALGARY – The Canada Energy Regulator has approved preliminary interim tolls that would see oil companies pay nearly twice as much to ship crude on the expanded Trans Mountain pipeline as what was estimated in 2017. In a decision issued

Kitchen fire
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Are short-term renters covered by condo insurance?

November 29, 2023 Philip Porado

An Airbnb renter can be considered an insured under a strata’s insurance policy but may not necessarily rely on other liability protections in a strata’s bylaws, a B.C. Supreme Court justice determined in Strata Plan VR 2213 v Schappert, 2023

Empty store shelves representing a labour shortage
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Addressing a shortage of qualified commercial underwriters

November 28, 2023 Alyssa Di Sabatino

Nicholas Hudescu is a rarity in the insurance industry. The 23-year-old attended Wilfrid Laurier University, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree specializing in insurance and risk management. While there, he joined the student-run Laurier Insurance and Risk Association (LIRA)

New vehicles at an auto dealership holding lot
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Can car dealerships manage insurance risks from vehicle thefts?

November 27, 2023 Philip Porado

Car thefts began rising across Canada in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and have been climbing ever since – fuelled by organized crime rings using new technologies to steal key fob codes and take vehicles while their owners are asleep.

Trois-Rivières, Quebec
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What worries Canadian businesses about Quebec’s language law

November 22, 2023 by Jason Contant

Quebec’s recently enacted French-language law is causing some Canadian businesses concerns about compliance and even fear of losing employees, a new business risk report from Beazley suggested. Bill 96, An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec,

A mall parking lot after flooding in Halifax in July.
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After July floods took four lives, Nova Scotia plans flood plain mapping by 2026

November 17, 2023 Michael Tutton - THE CANADIAN PRESS

HALIFAX – A plan is now in place to create the kind of detailed flood plain maps that some of Nova Scotia’s emergency managers have said they lacked when torrential flooding occurred in July. Byron Rafuse, deputy minister of the

Person getting hurt while riding an e-scooter
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Whose insurer pays when e-scooter drivers crash?

November 17, 2023 Philip Porado

News reports about drivers of stand-up e-scooters injuring pedestrians in several Canadian cities are raising questions about insurance coverage for the vehicles — and how injured pedestrians might recover damages. But what about the e-scooter drivers themselves? Can they recover

Diverse group of potential job candidates
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How Canadian P&C firms are developing diversity

November 16, 2023 Alyssa Di Sabatino

Regardless of where Canadian brokerages are in their efforts to build diverse workplaces, they generally agree on three good ways to get there. When asked what actions brokerages could take to increase diversity, survey respondents advocated promoting diverse talent to

Person running away from risk
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Why there’s no such thing as ‘bad risk’

November 14, 2023 Adam Mitchell

New leads are crucial for any brokerage’s growth and continued business success. Although that’s a no-brainer, here’s something to remember when it comes to converting those leads into clients: there’s no such thing as good risks and bad risks. The

Global cyberattack
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Is it time for a new approach to systemic cyber?

November 10, 2023 by Jason Contant

Systemic cyber risk needs to be tackled with more capacity and ways of dealing with the attritional cyber market, Marc Lipman, president and attorney-in-fact at Lloyd’s Canada, suggested during an industry event last month. “Just like there developed a traditional,

Farm in rural Ontario
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Will building code changes affect farm fire severity?

November 2, 2023 by Jason Contant

With changes from the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) in the process of becoming law in Ontario next spring, farm insurance experts are raising concerns that the maximum barn size restriction will be removed and Ontario’s Fire Code (OFC)

Hurricane Fiona
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Coastal storms: Could U.S. scenario happen here?

November 1, 2023 Philip Porado

Increasing intensity of hurricanes making landfall along the U.S. coastline, sparked largely by climate change, has resulted in significant insured losses for several years. And storms seem to be getting worse. That trend impacts insurability and, going forward, “property values