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Introducing the new Canadian Underwriter, “Your Guide to Insurance Success”

October 10, 2018   by Ian Portsmouth, Publisher

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Whatever your role in the industry, you can rightfully feel harried by the demands of an insurance career today. You’re certainly dealing with more change and complexity than the people who received the debut issue of this magazine in January 1934. To name a few issues that challenge the modern insurance professional: developing an effective understanding of rapidly proliferating risks, from cybercrime to climate change; coping with new distribution models, upstart competitors and waves of consolidation; the Groundhog Day-like cycle of learning new technology that helps you do your job; wondering whether the next new technology will take your job.

But, hopefully, you find that milieu more energizing than enervating. Maybe your concern isn’t with how you’ll confront all of these challenges; rather, it’s how you’ll seize the opportunities created by this dynamic market. No matter what your perspective is, you have more to do and less time to do it than ever. So, we’ve rebuilt Canadian Underwriter magazine with that pressure in mind.

CU’s relaunch issue features best practices collected from the 2nd annual National Broker Survey

The October 2018 issue’s arresting cover image introduces the magazine’s first redesign since 2008. If you’re wondering whether our cover subject, IBABC Young Broker of the Year Chelsea Fitzpatrick, represents the first step of a slavish pursuit of millennial readers, rest assured that she does not. (Her appearance is due to serendipity rather than design.) However, the cover does mark a clear break from the CU of the past decade.

What’s most important is the magazine’s new tagline, Your Guide to Insurance Success. It expresses a mandate to enrich you with practical insight that will help you cut through the clutter of our times. In other words, our priority is to improve your understanding of the issue or opportunity at hand, explain what you can do about it and, then, show you the best ways to do it — all within an engaging visual package that gives you more takeaways in less time.

The new Canadian Underwriter should make it easier to achieve greater success, whether that means building your book of business, improving customer satisfaction, being a better leader or simply feeling less harried. I hope you’ll think of each issue as one of the opportunities to seize in this dynamic market.

This story is adapted from the October 2018 issue of Canadian Underwriter magazine. Request your complimentary subscription here.


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