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What vulnerabilities are getting in the way of insurance?

October 18, 2019 by Adam Malik

Insurance leaders are aware they’re not moving fast enough to keep up with change, be it around technological or customer expectations. But, as they said at a recent summit, they have no choice but to figure it out. For Pat

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How online policy administration could put brokers at risk

October 18, 2019 by Greg Meckbach

When clients want to make policy changes online, brokers have a vested interest in being in the loop, suggests a consultant who advises insurance companies. More customers these days are expecting their insurance providers to give them the same kind

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How much leeway does a condo corporation have when conducting repairs?

October 18, 2019 by Jason Contant

If a condo corporation enters your client’s unit to repair suspected flood damage but finds other hazards, can they complete those additional repairs instead and seek reimbursement from the unit owner? It would appear not, if the factors of the

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Is it time for a U.S.-style flood insurance program?

October 18, 2019 by Jason Contant

Although the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in the United States has its shortcomings, a similar program could benefit Canada if steps were taken to avoid its flaws, suggested an article published in MSA’s Quarterly Outlook Report for Q2 2019.

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The rationale behind Applied’s acquisition of Policy Works

October 17, 2019 by Jason Contant

Providing brokers with a complete view of their business – both personal and commercial lines – was among the reasons Applied Systems decided to acquire Policy Works, Applied’s vice president of industry and partner relations said Wednesday. Steve Whitelaw spoke

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Maritimes hit by strong fall storm

October 17, 2019 The Canadian Press

HALIFAX – Maritimers are facing strong gusts and localized downpours today as a slow-moving low pressure system crawls through the region. Ian Hubbard, a meteorologist at Environment Canada, says it’s expected that there will be sustained winds of about 60

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Average transaction on APOLLO’s US product is $4,954, indicating that large insurance business is starting to move online

October 17, 2019 by David Dyck

TORONTO, ON, October 17, 2019/InsPress/  — Since launching a liability product in the US last month, the APOLLO Exchange has seen an average policy transaction of $4,954 on that product, which is entirely digital. The average quote has been higher,

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2019 Unconscious Bias Conference – Diversity, Inclusion and Overcoming Bias in the Workplace

October 17, 2019 by -30- Forensic Engineering

X TORONTO, ON, Oct. 17, 2019/InsPress/  — Join Insurance and Legal industry leaders at the highly anticipated 2019 Unconscious Bias Conference and immerse yourself in a thought-provoking curriculum which was designed to provide delegates with the following key take-aways to

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What claims adjusters are seeing from the Manitoba storm

October 16, 2019 by Jason Contant

An “unprecedented” snowstorm that resulted in a provincial state of emergency in Manitoba and left more than 100,000 hydro customers without power does not seem to be a significant event so far from a claims perspective. In the past week,

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What’s keeping claims pros up at night?

October 16, 2019 by Adam Malik

Talent shortage and keeping pace with change are two of the top issues facing claims professionals over the next three to five years, but that’s just the start of their concerns. Meeting policyholders’ service level expectations and the volatility of

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Another insurer to withdraw coverage from oil sands

October 16, 2019 by Greg Meckbach

Starting next year, Axis Capital Holdings Ltd. will stop writing new insurance and facultative reinsurance for oil sands extraction and pipeline projects. Pembroke, Bermuda-based Axis writes commercial specialty and reinsurance. Its new thermal coal and oil sands underwriting and investment

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The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group invests in new technology platform to drive innovation, speed to market and increase business growth

October 16, 2019 The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group

LINDSAY, ON, October 16, 2019/InsPress/ – The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group (CMIG) is announcing the successful implementation of an industry-leading insurance technology platform that is modernizing its technology infrastructure to provide an improved experience for their policy holders and drive