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More severe storms predicted for 2013

March 31, 2013   by

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Forecast services company ImpactWeather has released a prediction for this year’s hurricane season, suggesting that 2013 will have a series of storms more severe than last year.

Based on “averages of past seasons, ocean temperature trends, and the absence of an El Nino influence from the Tropical Pacific,” the company’s senior meteorologist Chris Hebert said this year could have between 16 and 20 named storms.

Last year saw 19 named storms, 10 of which were hurricanes. Hebert has predicted seven to nine hurricanes for this year, but two to four “intense” hurricanes, or those that reach categories three, four or five. Last year saw only one such storm, according to ImpactWeather.

Businesses should be aware of the potential costs from severe storms,, flooding, power outages and other damage, ImpactWeather noted.

“Since weather is the number one cause of business disruption, this prediction carries much weight for companies focused on protecting their people and their assets,” Mark Chambers, president of ImpactWeather commented in a statement.

“Considerations such as when – or even if – operations must be shut down, damage to facilities, supply chain interruptions, and safety protocols are all top-of-mind when severe weather is imminent,” he added.