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Ford recalling 275,000 vehicles in Canada over airbag deficiencies and tires

March 15, 2021   by The Canadian Press

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DEARBORN, Mich. – Ford Motor Co. has issued two safety recalls involving more than 2.6 million vehicles in North America, including nearly 275,000 in Canada, mainly over airbag problems.

One recall involves Takata driver-side front airbags for 2006-12 Ford Fusion, 2007-10 Ford Edge, 2007-11 Ford Ranger, 2006-11 Mercury Milan, 2006-12 Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ and 2007-10 Lincoln MKX vehicles.

The airbags contain a calcium sulphate absorbing propellant that may degrade after long exposure to high humidity and temperatures and could cause a rupture during deployment.

While the condition could result in injury or death, Ford says it is not aware of any ruptures.

Ford says these airbags contain moisture-absorbing desiccant and perform differently than previously recalled Takata parts.

The automaker says it doesn’t believe the recall is warranted but the U.S. National Highway Traffic Administration in January denied Ford’s 2017 petition.

The second recall involves 19 tires from Continental Tire of America that may be cured beyond specification. Affected tires can experience sudden air loss or tread loss from a break in the side wall.

The recall affects 15,769 vehicles in the U.S., 3,082 in Canada and 138 in Mexico, including select 2018-20 Ford F-250 and F-350, 2018 F-150 and 2019 Ford Escape vehicles.


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2 Comments » for Ford recalling 275,000 vehicles in Canada over airbag deficiencies and tires
  1. Frank Cain says:

    The question rises
    Without any surprises
    About Air Bags that pop
    For the reason they flop

    If in an accident they deploy
    It’s understood coverage applies (Oh Boy!)
    ‘Tis the company’s lament
    Another reason for further payment

    No coverage exists if it just pops out
    Who’s gonna cover it, the clients will shout
    Go tell the maker, look up the warranty
    Brokers will add that the policy’s no guarantee

    How did it happen, what fired the Bag?
    I was driving along, then Wham! – it’s no gag!
    I pulled to the side to clear my vision
    Now you tell me “no coverage” which I view with derision

    These things are installed to help reduce injuries
    And it’s supposed they will in certain exigencies
    But at 800 a shot to put one back in again
    Call me if you will “Put Off Again Finnigan”

    Now I’ve no Air Bag to help me in tight spots
    Does this mean I’m riskier, will the company take pot shots
    At my premium that’s currently on monthly payments
    For a car with already more than its share of dents?

    A Daniel is need to come to judgement
    With an endorsement that says it will pay a large percent
    After a deductible which I’ll gladly expend
    To put back an Air Bag on which I depend

    It may not cost much to have this risk added
    If the company is flexible and does not get addled
    I’ll be in good shape, I’ll have made the point
    Now will the company fix a nose out of joint?

  2. Frank Cain says:

    Correction: 7th stanza – “needed”.

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