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InsurEye launches online consumer insurance spend comparison tool

November 22, 2011   by Canadian Underwriter

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InsurEye Inc. has launched an online service for Canadian consumers allowing them to compare their insurance spending with their peers.
InsurEye collects, validates and analyzes thousands of auto, home and life insurance experiences from people across the country. In order to collect initial data, InsureEye worked with market research and consumer data collection company, Research Now.
Insurance Peer Comparison covers spending information for insurance products available online and the services offered directly by insurance companies, brokers and agents.
“Insurance quotes can vary not just by 20%, but by 200% or more,” an InsurEye release says. “Knowing what peers pay allows consumers to make informed buying decisions and discover providers with the best prices for their segment.
“By using the Insurance Peer Comparison buying tool, consumers can become aware of potential savings through aggregated social knowledge.”

InsurEye’s Insurance Peer Comparison tool can be found at:

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