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Markel and Royal reach agreement on trucking renewals

December 4, 2002   by Canadian Underwriter

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With the recent disclosure that Royal & SunAlliance Canada would be reducing its long-haul trucking business, specialty insurer Markel says it will step in to offer coverage to clients.
Through an agreement between the two insurers, Markel will become a market for trucking clients not being offered renewals by Royal.
“We see this as a win-win for everyone involved” says Mark J. Ram, Markel’s president and CEO. “Royal & SunAlliance is being a great business partner to its brokers by providing them with a potential home for their business. The truckers are being offered the opportunity to be insured with Canada’s leading trucking insurer, and Markel as the largest trucking insurer in the country, is in a unique position to provide the expert, trained staffing necessary to deal in a timely fashion with this business.”
Unlike most insurers, Markel does not require a contract for brokers to submit business, and the company has no minimum volume requirements. It is the largest long-haul trucking insurer in Canada.

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2 Comments » for Markel and Royal reach agreement on trucking renewals
  1. L. C. Shackelton says:

    I’ve been asked if you do RV Haulers and Tow Trucking operators? I’m interested in doing this again but not quite sure with the insurance part of this operation! What you cover, how much, is there a third and fourth party we’d have to deal with? If so, it seems that there would be a lot of red tape and I’d never know if I’d be covered until this sort of umbrella . Thank you

  2. L. C. Shackelton says:

    It should read under this sort of umbrella!

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