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OSFI publishes draft 2018 version of Minimum Capital Test for federally regulated P&C insurers

June 15, 2017   by Canadian Underwriter

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The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) on Thursday published the draft 2018 version of its Minimum Capital Test (MCT) for federally regulated P&C insurers.

The revised guideline, which will be effective Jan. 1, 2018, provides clarification with respect to inquiries received during the year, OSFI noted in a statement. It also relocates the accident and sickness insurance worksheet from the guideline to the quarterly statutory return as a separate exhibit.

Stakeholders are requested to provide comments on the draft revised guideline by Aug. 4.

Subsection 515(1) of the Insurance Companies Act requires federally regulated P&C companies to maintain adequate capital. Subsection 608(1) of the act requires foreign P&C companies operating in Canada on a branch basis to maintain an adequate margin of assets in Canada over liabilities in the country.

Information on the guideline from OSFI notes the document is broken down into the following categories: overview and general requirements; definition of capital available; foreign companies operating in Canada on a branch basis; insurance risk; market risk; credit risk; operational risk; and diversification credit.

The guideline outlines the capital framework, using a risk-based formula, for target and minimum capital/margin required and defines the capital/assets required to meet the minimum standard. The MCT determines the minimum capital/margin required and not the level of capital/margin required at which P&C companies may operate.

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1 Comment » for OSFI publishes draft 2018 version of Minimum Capital Test for federally regulated P&C insurers
  1. Pat says:

    OSFI has said they want to speak with some of the big banks and life insurers Boards to get educated.

    Trust me, this organization needs an overhaul. Whether it be the recent Home Capital fiasco (poorly written B20 & B21) or the oversight of mortgage insurers that OSFI knows nothing about, they just don’t get it. At one time, they wanted to set capital levels for mortgage insurers by geography.

    Time to dismantle the 700 employees who add no value to this system.

    Oh, OSFI also said that banks would fail when the barrel of oil hit $80.00. I believe this came from their Emerging Risk Committee according to one of their former employees.

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