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How two of Canada’s largest P&C brokerages closed 2022

January 9, 2023 by Jason Contant

Westland Insurance Group and BrokerLink ended 2022 with a bang, closing several merger and acquisition deals in December and bringing combined yearly transactions to more than 50 acquisitions. Westland announced in December the acquisition of Nova Scotia-based Gateway Insurance Group

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Canadian P&C insurer reveals plan to go private

December 9, 2022 by David Gambrill

The Insurance Company of Prince Edward Island (ICPEI) has proposed deal that would have company directors, executives, certain employees and investors buy a majority stake in the insurance company and take its ownership private. The proposed deal was announced Friday

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Westland expands into two new provinces

December 7, 2022 by Jason Contant

Westland Insurance has entered into Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick for the first time, making it one of the largest insurance brokers in Atlantic Canada. The western Canadian-based brokerage announced Tuesday the acquisition of Hyndman Insurance Group, Sears Insurance,

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Do digitally efficient brokerages make better acquisition targets?

December 2, 2022 Alyssa DiSabatino

Brokerage owners shouldn’t just invest in digitization for its own sake, says one financial advisor. They should do it to make a purchase and integration easier for consolidators. Consolidators don’t necessarily expect small brokerages to digitize before acquisition, said Alex

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Definity’s plans for brokerage, insurer M&A

November 28, 2022 by Jason Contant

Definity Financial Corporation is interested in both P&C brokerage and carrier acquisitions, the insurer’s president and CEO Rowan Saunders confirmed during a recent virtual fireside chat with RBC Capital Markets. “Even though we’ve just recently done a significant acquisition in

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BrokerLink starts the month with 3 new M&A deals

November 8, 2022 by Jason Contant

BrokerLink continues to expand in Ontario and Alberta with the acquisition of three more brokerages in those provinces. The Intact Financial Corporation subsidiary acquired D.G. Smith Insurance Brokers and Teck Insurance Brokers Limited (both Ontario-based) and Robinson Insurance Centre of

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Paw-sitively busy times for Canadian pet insurers

November 2, 2022 by David Gambrill

It’s official — everyone and their dogs are announcing pet insurance mergers, acquisitions and partnerships. It started two days ago, when Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. completed the US$1.4-billion sale of its interests in Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group and

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M&A deals boost the volume of mutual insurers

November 1, 2022 by Jason Contant

Collectivfide Insurance Group has closed the acquisition of majority stakes in two Ontario-based brokerages, its 7th and 8th deals since its formation in 2019.  “We are continuing to achieve our goal of growing and protecting mutual volume with the addition

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Canadian P&C brokerage M&A explodes in late 2022

October 13, 2022 by Jason Contant

P&C brokerage merger and acquisition activity in Canada remains strong and healthy, as evidenced by the number of deals announced in just the past couple of weeks. Those deals involve brokerages that include Westland Insurance Group, BrokerLink, Western Financial Group,

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BrokerLink reaches milestone with latest deals

October 12, 2022 by Jason Contant

BrokerLink has made its 19th and 20th acquisitions of 2022 with the purchase of two Ontario brokerages. The Intact Financial Corporation subsidiary said L&M Dallaire Insurance Ltd. and Cryderman Insurance Brokers Ltd. joined BrokerLink effective Oct. 1. Both brokerages offer

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Three questions to consider when preparing for the next M&A wave

September 29, 2022 by Alyssa DiSabatino

Startups looking to ride the upcoming M&A wave need to hold a mirror up to their businesses and see themselves through the eyes of a potential acquirer, said the author of a recent Harvard Business Review blog.   And insurance

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CapriCMW and Rogers Insurance announce merger

September 20, 2022 by Jason Contant

British Columbia-based CapriCMW and Alberta-based Rogers Insurance have announced that they have merged and will be known as Acera Insurance. The merger will create a company with 1,000 employees located in more than 50 offices across Alberta, B.C., Ontario and