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Why brokers say APIs must reach critical mass

March 27, 2023 David Gambrill

For the long-sought application programming interface (API) tech solution to truly benefit the P&C insurance process, brokers stress, it’s important to reach critical mass. Without that, APIs wind up being just one more of many solutions brokers must incorporate into

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What’s new with API links between broker and carrier systems?

March 17, 2023 David Gambrill

Before the pandemic, brokers started work on a breakthrough application programming interface (API) tech solution, designed to improve communication between a broker BMS and insurance companies’ back-end systems. Where do we stand on this project to date? It’s been a

Mess of wiring as new servers are being installed
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Where brokers and insurers stand on seamless data interfaces

March 14, 2023 David Gambrill

Working on application programming interfaces (API), the industry’s leading-edge technology for broker-carrier connectivity, is a lot like doing a home renovation project, said Michael Loeters, ProLink’s senior vice president of commercial insurance and risk management. “You think it’s going to

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Why brokers need a new technology approach to cyber insurance

November 11, 2021 by Jason Contant

Old-fashioned methods by brokers for obtaining cyber insurance quotes just don’t work in today’s environment, a managing general agent told Canadian Underwriter Tuesday. “The old approach to cyber insurance was, ‘Hey, let me get you an application, you bring that

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What is your unique competitive advantage?

September 3, 2021 by Jason Contant

Canada’s P&C broker and insurer channels aren’t going anywhere, but their ranks will thin and success will be determined through successful technological partnerships, the CEO of an online commercial brokerage suggested. “If you don’t bring something uniquely valuable to the

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Will the entire insurance industry soon move to APIs?

November 29, 2018 by Jason Contant

Canada’s P&C industry will eventually move to using API (application programming interface) in its entirety, predicts the CEO of a technology company that helps brokers automate their workflows. “I think you’re literally looking at the monolithic system; there’s going to