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A long haul truck driving in the sunset
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The art of writing long-haul trucking

June 5, 2023 by Phil Porado, managing editor

Long-haul trucking (LHT) insurance isn’t just for cargo and trailers — coverage must extend beyond the roadway. When underwriters consider long-haul trucking risks, they should examine broader business criteria such as a fleet’s age and size, vehicle class, the distance

Technology stepping up to prevent a company from risk
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How a shared-risk approach to tech can keep mutual insurers competitive

June 5, 2023 by Matthew Scott

Canada’s mutual insurance industry has been around for as long as the country itself and has innovated over that time. Now it’s driving digital transformation to enable new capabilities, improve service and keep pace with market competition. These changes come

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After Alberta election, what’s next for auto insurance?

May 30, 2023 by Alyssa DiSabatino

With the United Conservative Party’s Danielle Smith re-elected as Alberta premier, the industry is hoping for both long- and short-term solutions to the auto issue, especially since the province’s “rate pause” makes it harder for drivers to secure coverage and

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How satisfied Canadian consumers are with their insurer

May 26, 2023 by Alyssa DiSabatino

Despite the hard market slowing down service capabilities in some areas of the P&C industry, Canadian consumers seem satisfied with their insurance policies, according to a recent survey by insurance software company Duck Creek Technologies.   Almost all insured Canadians

Leader and Different Businessman (Game pieces)
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MPI announces new interim CEO and president

May 23, 2023 by David Gambrill

Marnie Kacher is now interim president and CEO of Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) while the province’s public auto insurer begins recruiting for a permanent leader. “MPI is an important Crown corporation and I want to thank Marnie Kacher for taking

Jumping over a shark to represent risk.
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Why D&O brokers are looking at risk mitigation

May 19, 2023 by Philip Porado

Amid signs the recently easing directors and officers (D&O) coverage segment may gradually become a bit tougher, brokers and insurers will be taking a closer look at companies’ risk-mitigation procedures. When writing risks, Catherine Lanctot, senior vice president and national

Cybercrime is on the rise in Canada and companies can no longer ignore cyber insurance
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Don’t let clients cheap out on cyber coverage

May 10, 2023 by Philip Porado

As high-profile ransomware attacks continue to grab headlines, insurers providing directors and officers (D&O) coverage are concerned private company boards might not be managing cyber risk. “Are they allocating enough funds to cybersecurity? Are they going to have a lawsuit

Older business person with empty wallet can't afford insurance
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Tips for advising commercial clients during economic downturns

May 9, 2023 by Alyssa Di Sabatino

Inflation and the looming threat of an economic downturn would seem like a one-two punch that would make commercial clients think about ways to skimp on insurance. But it isn’t necessarily so. “Insurance is not a discretionary spend for most companies,”

Mergers and acquisitions concept
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Westland expands reach in Ontario with latest acquisition

May 5, 2023 by Jason Contant

Westland Insurance has acquired Ontario-based First Durham Insurance & Financial Ltd., one of the largest and oldest full-service independent brokerages in the Durham Region. “Effective May 1, this acquisition helps Westland expand its reach in the important Ontario market,” Westland

Glowing yellow arrow indicating upward growth
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Commercial lines are growing. Will this affect profitability?

May 3, 2023 by Alyssa DiSabatino

Tighter underwriting control, client safeguards and softening of certain lines have helped some business segments start growing again, experts told a Canadian Underwriter webinar. But the industry is wary of growth at the expense of profitability. “We’ve got a lot of

Vice pushing on both side of businessman to represent the hard insurance market
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Brokers still worry about the hard market, but what’s next?

May 1, 2023 by Philip Porado

Although Canadian property and casualty (P&C) insurance brokers still call the hard market their greatest challenge, their overall level of concern is gradually waning. So found Canadian Underwriter’s 2023 National Broker Survey, in which more than 150 brokers nationwide expressed

Analyzing financial results
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How the industry’s ROE is trending

April 26, 2023 by Jason Contant

The Canadian property and casualty insurance industry’s return on equity (ROE) last year dropped a few percentage points from the 17% to 18% level it was in 2021, but it’s still above the long-run average of 10.1%, a new industry