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Doctor fitting a wrist brace after a sprain
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Why this AB claimant couldn’t prove an inability to carry on a normal life

July 27, 2023 Philip Porado

An accident benefits claimant failed to meet the stringent non-earner benefit (NEB) test and is not entitled to ongoing benefits, adjudicator Derek Grant wrote in a July 21, 2023 Licence Appeal Tribunal decision. The claimant, Dominik Crnogorac (referred to afterwards

Car repair person buffing out paint after replacing body parts.
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Brokers try to manage client stress over auto repair timelines

July 25, 2023 Philip Porado

Spare parts shortages continue to cause significant auto insurance claims delays, and a scarcity of adjusters is, in some cases, exacerbating the issue. Many problems brokers are now seeing and helping clients manage wouldn’t have popped up in prior years,

Distracted driver about to have a car accident
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What’s to blame for distracted driving trends?

July 14, 2023 Philip Porado

Brokers hear lots of stories about minor fender-benders that don’t lead to injuries. And some could even be seen as amusing – if they weren’t linked to financial losses for insurers. “We had an incident where someone was trying to

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How AI can connect the dots between your systems

April 26, 2019 by Jason Contant

Artificial intelligence (AI) should be used to “connect the dots” between different data silos and decisions made within an insurance company, Charles Dugas, head of insurance at Element AI, said last week. The goal is to develop a system that

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Uber-style platform for expediting appraisals now in Canada

April 16, 2019 by David Gambrill

An Uber-style platform to expedite home and auto claims appraisals has made its way into Canada. Offered by WeGoLook, the online and mobile sharing-economy platform provides personalized, onsite data capture for inspections and low-complexity services across the United States. Now

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Priority dispute in mechanic test-drive case could reach top court

June 27, 2018 by Greg Meckbach

A priority dispute between Ontario auto insurers over who should pay accident benefits to a mechanic injured while test-driving a customer’s car could be headed to Canada’s highest court. Auto repair shop owner Jing Hua Fan was hurt in 2011

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How a court kept insurers’ auto storage costs under control

April 25, 2018 by David Gambrill

An auto collision centre has lost an appeal in court that would have effectively forced insurance companies to settle all disputes in an auto claim before the vehicle is released to the insurer, thus racking up storage costs while the

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Allstate reports Property-Liability combined ratio of 97.2% in Q2 2017, a 3.6% improvement from 100.8% in Q2 2016

August 2, 2017 by Canadian Underwriter

The Allstate Corporation has reported a Property-Liability (P-L) combined ratio of 97.2% for the second quarter of 2017 ending June 30, a 3.6% improvement from 100.8% in Q2 2016. Northbrook, Ill.-based Allstate released its financial results for the quarter and

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Environmental Losses Related to Transportation Claims

February 10, 2017 Joel van Popta, Senior Associate, -30- Forensic Engineering.

The release of pollutants such as fuel, motor oil or lubricants, coolant or brake fluid can cause environmental impairment in the event of a trucking collision

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Total economic losses from March winter storm in Ontario and Quebec estimated at $130 million: Impact Forecasting

April 6, 2016 by Canadian Underwriter

Total economic losses from a winter storm in Ontario and Quebec in March were estimated to approach $130 million (US$100 million), while insurers anticipated losses well into the tens of millions in U.S. dollars, according to Impact Forecasting’s Global Catastrophe

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Disputed Ontario auto claim over denial notice could reach Supreme Court of Canada

January 8, 2016 by Canadian Underwriter

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is applying, to the Supreme Court of Canada, for leave to appeal a ruling arising from a notice denying benefits to an Ontario auto claimant. Court records indicate that Allstate essentially contends that the two-year

Daniel Strigberger, Lawyer, Samis + Company

Uber Exclusion

January 1, 2016 Daniel Strigberger, Lawyer, Samis + Company

The standard auto policy in Ontario has an exclusion for carrying passengers for compensation or hire, and this could lead to denial of claims involving vehicles providing uberX service.