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Here’s one way that lower auto insurance rates could increase profits

May 24, 2018 by Greg Meckbach

With new technology-driven auto insurance on the horizon, some motorists will drive less and buy insurance from carriers who target low-mileage vehicles, the founder of a comparison shopping provider suggests. Several Ontario auto insurers will probably launch products similar to

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Dozens of North American securities regulators target cryptocurrency schemes

May 23, 2018 The Canadian Press

TORONTO – Dozens of North American securities regulators have joined forces to investigate and warn investors about cryptocurrency-related schemes. Operation Cryptosweep includes more than 40 regulators in the U.S. and Canada, including the Ontario Securities Commission, which issued a release

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Mennonite Mutual Insurance Co. (Alberta) Ltd. joins Mutual Concept Computer Group’s Client Community by initiating their Insurance Business Solution implementation

May 22, 2018 Mutual Concept Computer Group Inc.

CALGARY, May 22, 2018 /insPRESS/ – Mennonite Mutual Insurance Co. (Alberta) Ltd. (MMI) has become a member of the MCCG Community and commenced their Insurance Business Solution (IBS®) implementation project.  MMI has partnered with MCCG to ‘kick off’ their digital

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How you can make artificial intelligence more than just a ‘sexy sound bite’

May 22, 2018 by Greg Meckbach

Artificial intelligence may make for a wonderful sound bite, but insurance providers need to use this emerging technology to cut costs and serve customers better, two financial services executives warn. The financial services industry is “still at a stage where

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The challenge with insuring autonomous ships

May 20, 2018 by Jason Contant

The large body of regulations known as maritime law should be addressed before or in concert with insurance considerations when it comes to autonomous vessels, British Columbia-based author Blake Desaulniers told Canadian Underwriter last week. “That large body of regulations

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Steering change

May 17, 2018 Kris Hackney, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience, Applied Systems

Leading innovation in your brokerage? Here are 6 steps for successfully directing change in your organization without making waves.

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New index measures quarterly premium rate trends in Canadian personal lines

May 16, 2018 by Jason Contant

Applied Systems has released its Applied Rating Index, measuring the quarterly premium rate trends being experienced by consumers, brokerages and insurers across the Canadian market. Stephane Lacasse, vice president of product management for Canada and rating products with Applied, told

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Dumfries Mutual Insurance Company launches online quoting using Mutual Concept Computer Group’s Online Quoting Solution

May 15, 2018 Mutual Concept Computer Group Inc.

CAMBRIDGE, ON, May 15, 2018 /insPRESS/ – Dumfries Mutual Insurance Company launches automobile and property insurance online quoting to better support its community and their agent distribution network through partnership with Mutual Concept Computer Group Inc. (MCCG).  Dumfries’ solution,,

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Policy Works develops commercial-lines rating API

May 15, 2018 Policy Works

CALGARY, May 15, 2018 /insPRESS/ – Policy Works is excited to announce the release of its newly developed Rating API. The API enables automatic rating of commercial policies by seamlessly integrating third-party rating services into the Policy Works workflow. In

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Why risk managers should check the social media profiles of their company accountants

May 15, 2018 by Greg Meckbach

Risk managers for companies transferring money outside of Canada might want to check the social media profiles of workers in their accounting departments. Criminals sometimes research the social media profiles of workers at financial institutions and people who have authority

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“Don’t be on the sidelines,” speakers say of blockchain

May 14, 2018 by Greg Meckbach

Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, does not have a foothold in insurance yet, but it will no doubt disrupt some industries, speakers said last week at a financial industry conference. Blockchain promises “massively new business models,” Andrew Maxwell, director of

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How fear of ‘jackbooted brownshirts’ complicates cyber risk management

May 11, 2018 by Greg Meckbach

Managing the risk posed by the “dark web” is made all the more difficult by some people’s mistrust of police, a former top Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer suggested Thursday. “Cyber crime requires a different approach than just the preventative