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Two out of three U.S. homeowners insurance customers would switch carriers to get discounts for using smart home devices, study finds

January 17, 2017 by Canadian Underwriter

Two out of three homeowners insurance customers in the United States would be willing to change insurance companies to get policy discounts for using smart home devices, according to new research findings released on Tuesday by NTT DATA. “Our study

News InsuranceMergers and Aqcuisitions

Poor condition of wood holding lag screws leads to platform collapse: TSB

December 7, 2016 by Canadian Underwriter

The fastening system of a wooden platform connecting the gangway of a passenger vessel to a dock had not been inspected since it was first installed five years ago, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said Wednesday in an information

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Runway end safe areas should meet international standards: TSB

November 29, 2016 by Canadian Underwriter

Transportation Safety Board of Canada reiterated this week its warning of a lack of runway end safety areas in Canada that meet international standards. In December, 2007, TSB recommended that Transport Canada require all runways, with a length of greater

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U.S. “quiet car” safety standard to help prevent thousands of pedestrian injuries once fully implemented: NHTSA

November 16, 2016 by Canadian Underwriter

Pedestrian protection is the driving force behind a federal “quiet car” safety standard adopted by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that will require an audible alert on all newly manufactured light-duty hybrid vehicles (HVs)

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Drones get nod of approval for use in fighting British Columbia wildfires

August 9, 2016 The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER – Drones are about to be added to the firefighting arsenal of the B.C. Wildfire Service. Spokeswoman Erin Catherall says the service has conducted two seasons of trials and is ready to put the remotely controlled aircraft to work.

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Ottawa should require small fishing boats to have radios that automatically alert search-and-rescue: Transportation Safety Board

August 5, 2016 by Canadian Underwriter

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is reiterating a recommendation made 16 years ago that the federal government mandate emergency position indicating radio beacons “or other appropriate equipment” for small fishing vessels operating off the coast of Canada. In a

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Court ruling opens GM to billions in death, injury claims

July 15, 2016 Tom Krisher - THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

DETROIT – A federal appeals court ruling that General Motors can’t use its 2009 bankruptcy to fend off lawsuits over faulty and dangerous ignition switches exposes the automaker to billions in additional liabilities, according to legal experts. The 2nd U.S.

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Health Canada ‘slow to respond’ to reports of prohibited substances in personal hygiene products: Auditor General report

June 1, 2016 by Canadian Underwriter

The federal health department “cannot assure consumers” that cosmetic products comply with the nation’s Food and Drugs Act, and vendors of such products are not required to disclose chemical components, a recent auditor-general’s report suggested. “Health Canada should inform consumers