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Suit Mix

May 1, 2017 Ari Krajden, Partner; and Nicholas Carmichael, Associate, Zarek Taylor Grossman Hanrahan LLP

The availability of insurance covering cost awards against losing plaintiffs, and a Supreme Court of Canada ruling over an accused’s right to be tried within reasonable time, are among the factors that insurers need to consider when facing personal injury claims.

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Turn Signal

May 1, 2017 Angela Stelmakowich, Editor

Technology is driving change in the vehicle manufacturing sector, prompting property and casualty insurers to consider how best to protect an already-pressured auto book. Will partnering with vehicle makers offer an opportunity to share the driver’s seat as highly automated and then autonomous vehicles take hold? Or will changing use patterns and battles over data relegate insurers to thumbing a ride?

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Diminishing Diesel

May 1, 2017 Peter Hatges, Managing Director, KPMG Corporate Finance Inc. and National Sector Leader, KPMG in Canada

The future of the diesel engine is up in the air due to concerns over nitrogen oxide emissions, the touting of fuel cells and the availability of liquefied natural gas.

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Intrusive Testing

May 1, 2017 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

Now that Canada’s highest court has established a major legal barrier for employers wanting to test workers in safety sensitive positions for drug and alcohol impairment, lawyers suggest that fleet managers would need significant evidence of a workplace problem before bringing in random testing

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Direct Hit

April 1, 2017 Angela Stelmakowich, Editor

What was it about Lola? Girls will be boys; boys will be girls? All good. For Canada’s property and casualty insurance industry, as surely is the case elsewhere, it is a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world as well.

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School of Thought

April 1, 2017 Dawn H. Puro, Senior Vice President, Specialty Casualty, Public Entity Lines, Ironshore; and Victor Ip, Vice President, Specialty Casualty, Ironshore Canada

Risks associated with higher education institutions are many, ranging from targeted violence to indiscriminate severe weather. Whether planned or not, both types of events demand a well-conceived emergency response be available.

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Survival Instinct

April 1, 2017 Angela Stelmakowich, Editor

Kent Rowe sees opportunity in change, and technology can prove an excellent vehicle for getting independent brokers where they need to go.

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Herding Cats

April 1, 2017 Angela Stelmakowich, Editor; and Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

Catastrophes, both natural and man-made, continue to capture the attention of
everyone involved in Canada’s property and casualty industry. By gathering the most up-to-date and relevant information, the thought is that stakeholders will better be able to herd straggler facts into a more manageable and usable form.

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Brokered Advance

April 1, 2017 Jason Contant, Online Editor; and Angela Stelmakowich, Editor

Technology was the main item on the menu at the 2nd Annual Broker Forum. As quickly as things are changing for brokers and their partners – driven, in large part, by customer wants and demands – is the breadth of options available for brokers to sample.

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Aerial Manoeuvres

April 1, 2017 Jeffrey McCann, Vice President, Digital Strategy, Shaw Sabey & Associates

Brokers will play a critical role as trusted risk management advisors in the rapidly expanding drone industry. Brokers need to inform their customers that as soon as the rotors are turning, a standard general liability policy no longer responds, and either an aviation policy or an endorsement is required.

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Measuring Extremes

April 1, 2017 Caterina Lindman, Chair, Climate Index Working Group; and Doug Collins Chair, Climate Change Committee

An updated North American climate index shows an increase in the occurrence of extreme weather events in Canada. A number of Canadian regions are among those with the highest index values, indicating the largest deviations in extreme weather events and sea levels from historical values. How can this information help inform the risk management strategies of Canadian insurers and others?

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Cyber Aware

April 1, 2017 Hershel Sahian, Partner; and Andrew Cottreau, Student-At-Law, Hughes Amys LLP

Cyber crime is on the rise. A study released by Juniper Research in mid-2015 projected that by 2019, the global cost of cyber crime will reach more than US$2 trillion, increasing to almost four times the estimated cost of breaches