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Buzz Kill

February 3, 2017 Angela Stelmakowich, Editor

The federal government and its partners are hopeful a new pilot project will help curb incidents involving drug-impaired driving. Long a stumbling block to prevention efforts, the project will allow police to use a device capable of helping them assess

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Master Builder

February 3, 2017 Angela Stelmakowich, Editor

Laura Van Vliet, recipient of the CIP Society’s 2016 Emerging Leader Award, understands how effort, heart and education can build a career.

Michael Teitelbaum, Partner, Hughes Amys LLP
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Duty Affirmed

February 2, 2017 Michael Teitelbaum, Partner, Hughes Amys LLP

The Court of Appeal for Ontario has affirmed the duty to defend in a recent case exploring if consequential or resulting damage attracts commercial general liability coverage. The decision is of interest because it negated the motion judge’s ruling, which seemed to be the first Canadian case to address if application of the “subcontractor exception” in the “your work” exclusion can be constrained by a finding that the subcontractor was engaged only as a supplier, and not a contractor.

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Tight Cap

February 2, 2017 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

Some lawyers caution that a recent arbitrator’s ruling out of Ontario in favour of an auto insurer could create problems for plaintiffs and insurers alike since, in some accident benefits claims, treatment plans for neuropsychological assessments are broken down into multiple assessments because of a cap on fees.

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Tempering Temporary Risk

February 2, 2017 Ben Daee, Senior Consultant, Property & Construction, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

Temporary structures, commonplace on construction sites, can bring
with them significant high-risk exposures. Understanding the types and inherent risks associated with the design and erection of temporary structures is critically important to avoid damage, disruption and injuries.

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Claims in Action

February 2, 2017 Pat Van Bakel, Chief Executive Officer, Crawford Canada

The scale and complexity of the Fort McMurray wildfire sparked a multitude of claims issues for the insurance industry as a whole. But a concerted effort by all stakeholders helped insurers address the many and unique challenges in the aftermath of the record loss.

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Clouding the Issue

February 2, 2017 The CIP Society - Insurance Institute of Canada

What if information about a specific claim, stored in the cloud as part of a company’s new cloud-based system, goes missing? What are the ethical responsibilities of the company, the claims adjuster, the manager and other employees who may have handled the file in past?

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Starting Block

February 1, 2017 Angela Stelmakowich, Editor

The buzz around blockchain is growing louder. An almost consensus-like agreement that it could benefit the insurance industry, though, must be balanced by what can only be described as an incomplete understanding of its workings and potential. That said, understanding is growing in step with an apparent openness to partner and explore.

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Planning Ahead

February 1, 2017 Daren Hanson, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, TeraGo

Global connectedness means companies, including those in Canada, need a robust data recovery plan to protect data critical to their business operations. Still, many companies do not even have such plans in place.

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Welcoming Host

February 1, 2017 Satya Sarangi, President and Chief Executive Officer, TmaxSoft Canada

Mainframes have proved essential over the decades for insurers needing to run core applications. But are these once-reliable units becoming a hindrance to innovation? Is modernization of mainframes essential for the global insurance industry?

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New Found Claim

January 2, 2017 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

As president of the Canadian Insurance Claims Managers Association, claims specialist Alex Lethbridge wants to raise awareness of the inter-company arbitration agreement.

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Career Mapping

January 2, 2017 Peter Hohman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Insurance Institute of Canada

Survey data indicates that more than three in four employees think there are good opportunities in the property and casualty industry, but more than one in four p&c professionals who left their jobs went into a different industry.